Membership rates are reviewed annually by the Association’s Management Board. The membership year runs from 16th June until 15th June but persons can join at any time during the year. The rates for 2017/18 are as follows:

Juniors (under 16 years)
Intermediate (16-17 years)
Adults 70
Family (Member, spouse and children under 16 years) 80
Retirement Pensioners 40
Registered Disabled 40

The price of a night permit is £200 per year for Gingerbread Lake and £150 for the two lakes at Sandy and must be obtained in advance by completing the relevant application form in the membership book to be forwarded to the Night Permit Secretary. The number of night permits is limited and applicants may be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available. Existing permit holders must renew their subscriptions before 30th April or risk losing their place on the list of permit holders.

The subscription year runs from 16th June although the statutory close season limits fishing on our river stretches until 14th March each year. Our still waters remain open all year round. Please note that we do not issue any part-year memberships.

In addition to the membership book, all new members will receive a key enabling them to open padlocks to gain vehicular access to some of our waters.

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  • Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

    Carp have scaleless heads and fully scaled bodies. Dorsal fin long based, free edge concave, a stout spine (with serrated rear edges as first ray) Mouth toothless but with 2 barbels at each side, second one longer. The current UK record is 64lb 14oz (all carp).

  • Chub (Leuciscus cephalus)

    Chub have a large head, a large mouth with almost rubberlike lips, a black/silver to greenish back, silvery sides, white belly, and fins tinged with yellowish red. Size and length varies depending on water. The British record was broken in May 2007 when Steve White caught a 9lb 3oz Chub.

  • The Barbel (Barbus barbus)

    Barbel have elongated bodies, almost round in cross section but flat bellied. Head pointed and scale less, eyes rather small, set high on the sides of the head, lips thick with two pairs of fleshy barbels. The current UK barbel record is 19lb 6oz.

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