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Sandy Lakes Closure

Due to the current level of the River Ivel which is causing flooding at Sandy Lakes, the club has taken the decision to close the lakes to members with immediate effect on health and safety grounds. The club will continue to to monitor the situation

News Update: 10th January 2021

Club Treasurer Fraser Hayden started the year off with a bang when he fished a club controlled stretch of the river Ivel. Adopting a mobile approach moving from swim to swim and introducing only a few free offerings, he had to wait until dusk before

Resumption of Angling

Following discussions between the Angling Trust and Government officials, permission has been obtained for angling to resume under strict covid-safe conditions. Anglers must not travel to fish other than to their local waters. No night fishing is allowed. Strict social distancing rules must be followed.


Members are advised that, following the Government’s decision to impose a national lockdown, all angling must cease from Wednesday, 6th January 2021. This restriction will cover both still waters and rivers. If there is a relaxation of this requirement in the future, members will be kept

Gingerbread Update

Gingerbread Lake will remain closed until 07.00 on Monday 4th January as most of the swims are still underwater. The road bank will remain closed and is out of bounds to all members, and is not even to be used to just walk around the

Gingerbread Lake Update

A brief update on the situation at Gingerbread Lake following the recent flooding and gale force winds. The otter fencing underneath the A428 flyover suffered considerable damage mainly caused by the weight of weed washed up against it. Today, a small group of club officials

News Update: 28th December 2020

The recent heavy rain has resulted in Gingerbread Lake and Swan Lake being flooded making fishing impossible and causing damage to the surrounding fences. Also, the gale force winds that followed the rain have resulted in several trees and branches being blown down. At present,

Flood Warning

Flooding at Gingerbread Lake and to a lesser degree at Sandy is being monitored by board members. Nobody should be putting themselves at RISK during this serious event. Floodwater is extremely dangerous. You can’t see your footing. If you get swept over wearing winter clothing


Whilst it’s not the responsibility of an Angling Association to instruct its members how to behave in a Global Pandemic, it is expected that our members comply with governmental rules laid down from December 20th 2020. All our fisheries fall into Tier 4. The exception is Eaton Socon

News Update: 13th December 20

The Board was concerned to receive a report of pike anglers at Gingerbread Lake leaving their rods unattended whilst they visited one another’s swims contrary to Environment Agency law and in contravention of club rules. If the culprits are found, they risk expulsion from the