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News Update: 26th May 2019

Stephen Chessum finally managed to catch a carp from Swan Lake that was under 30lbs, the fish being a 21lb 15oz mirror. By the way, he also caught another 30lb mirror making it no fewer than seven 30s for him this season! A few big

News Update: 19th May 2019

Current lake record holder at Swan, Lee Allum, caught several other fish during his session including a surprise 8lb 8oz tench. The previous weekend saw other anglers banking big carp from this venue too. Fraser Hayden has been frustrated in his quest for a double

News Update: 12th May 2019

Lee Allum just failed to break the 40lb barrier by 5oz when he fished at Swan Lake. He caught a mirror carp he had caught previously only a couple of weeks ago then weighing 39lb 3oz but now weighed 39lb 11oz. Lee Pybus was another

News Update: 5th May 2019

Another lake record has been broken at Swan Lake with the capture of the heaviest common carp, a 36lb specimen. The fish fell to Stephen Chessum and was easily recognisable by its distinctive colouring with the front half of the fish light green and the

News Update: 28th April 2019

The warm weather in the early part of the week caused Karl Franklin to decide to try floater fishing on McGregor Lake but a day of frustration avoiding the attention of gulls and waterfowl made him think he had employed the wrong tactics. However, late

News Update: 21st April 2019

During a day session at Gingerbread Lake, Andy Brown smashed his UK p.b. by nearly 5lbs catching a carp known as ‘the big linear’ weighing an impressive 39lb 3oz. The fish was in immaculate condition and Anthony Pogmore was on hand to assist with the

New Update: 12th April 2019

Whilst catches have markedly diminished with the combination of cold nights and high atmospheric pressure, Gingerbread Lake has continued to produce some exceptional fish. The much sought after carp known as ‘The Brown Fish’ has been caught by a member weighing an impressive 41lbs and

News Update: 7th April 2019

Karl Franklin fished at McGregor Lake but had to fish long and hard to achieve results. He managed to catch two more carp weighing 10lbs and 14lbs, the latter being a hard-fighting common. Also, he was unlucky to lose another good fish during his stay.

News Update: 31st March 2019

The Spring like weather for much of the week brought many anglers out on to BHAA’s lakes but most of them returned home with dry nets as feeding fish were few and far between. At Gingerbread Lake, Steve Curtin fished for much of the day

News Update: 24th March 2019

Swan Lake has now become a serious rival to BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake for big fish catches and the past week only goes to re-enforce this view. Stephen Chessum fished tight to an overhanging bush over a small bed of chopped up boilies. His tactic worked