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News Update: 10th November 2019

The past week has seen some changeable weather conditions which has greatly affected sport but nevertheless two cracking winter carp were still caught. Paul Burton fished overnight at Swan Lake where he caught a perfectly conditioned 34lb 4oz mirror carp. Meanwhile, at Gingerbread Lake it

News Update: 3rd November 2019

The recent sequence of hard frosts was enough to stop fish feeding altogether but they had the reverse effect on fish in McGregor Lake with a number of multiple catches reported. Lake regular Robert Livock has caught many carp from the lake over the years

News Update: 20th October 2019

The cooler wetter weather over the past week affected sport with few catches reported. However, Paul Tidmarsh was really pleased to catch two perfectly conditioned carp from Gingerbread Lake, both mirrors weighing 11lb 8oz and 33lb 9oz. Bailiff Mick Broom reported that water levels at

News Update: 13th October 2019

The recent work undertaken to remove some of the dense weed beds at Gingerbread Lake seems to have triggered off a feeding response as no few than seven carp weighing over 35lbs each were reportedly caught during the past week let alone others below this

News Update: 6th October 2019

Alan Lawrence completed five-day sessions on Swan Lake finally amassing a total of 12 carp, both commons and mirrors, with two topping 30lbs. Andrew Smart is another angler who has found catching the lake’s carp during the daytime no problem catching 9 carp over 26lbs

News Update: 29th September 2019

Colin Hewitt, who was previously reported as catching a 7lb plus tench from Swan Lake, returned to the same swim and repeated the feat by catching another tench weighing 7lb 4oz. His successful tactic was float-fished corn and maggot. Steve Curtin has found a way

News Update: 15th September 2019

It seems the onset of autumnal weather has got fish into a feeding mood as at Gingerbread Lake there have been multiple catches of carp with almost all the known specimens being caught and some more than once. The relative richness of food in Swan

News Update: 8th September 2019

Swan Lake continues to be a hard nut to crack for many anglers but big carp continue to get caught. A member caught a 22lb specimen during the week and he reported catching three 30s on a recent  night fishing session too. Steve Curtin landed

News Update: 1st September 2019

An outstanding haul of fish was achieved by bailiff Simon Izzard during his latest session at Gingerbread Lake when he caught three large bream, two tench and no fewer than eleven carp. His carp included two 30s, mirrors weighing 36lb 10oz and 34lb 8oz, five

News Update: 25th August 2019

Steve Curtin added another two 20s to his tally fishing at Swan Lake by catching carp weighing 23lbs and 27lb 12oz. Also, he landed a second eel using a retro bait. A member fishing overnight caught a 31lb carp whilst bailiff David Grant banked a