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News Update: 3rd December 2013

With the sudden arrival of some really cold weather, the best chance of getting a fish is from rivers as most of the fish in the lakes tend to become torpid. Fraser Hayden decided to put in a few hours fishing on one of the

News Update: 26th November 2023

After catching several carp and tench from Gingerbread Lake during the milder weather, David Young was still keen to catch one more good fish before the wintry weather arrives. He fished overnight at the lake and was rewarded by catching a 25lb 2oz mirror carp.

News Update: 19th November 2023

With the colder weather just around the corner, chub society member Karl Franklin decided to fish one of the club’s stretches on the River Ouse for the day. It proved to be hard going but Karl eventually managed to catch a cracking 5lb specimen chub

News Update: 6th November 2023

With the winter fast approaching, more anglers are starting to change their attention to predator fishing. Clive Day decided to fish for pike at McGregor Lake where he landed thee pike in a short session with two weighing around 8lbs and a heavier one just

News Update: 29th October 2023

The continuation of mild weather has meant that carp in BHAA’s controlled lakes continue to feed although they seem to be more active during the longer nights. Robert Livock fished a short day session at McGregor Lake during bright sunlight with little wind to stir

News Update: 22nd October 2023

At the start of the week, Glenn Mills was pleased to catch a 29lb mirror carp whilst fishing at Gingerbread Lake. He returned later in the week to catch a 17lb mirror carp and a second fish, a super 40lb 3oz mirror carp nicknamed ‘White

News Update: 15th October 2023

After being unable to fish for several months, Robert Livock was finally able to enjoy a day’s fishing at McGregor Lake. Two runs out of the blue on an otherwise lifeless day were welcomed as he went on to land two nice mirror carp weighing

News Update: 8th October 2023

Luke Garner took young Jayden Watts for a day’s fishing at McGregor Lake to see if he could help him to catch his first ever carp. Jayden started off float fishing and was soon catching plenty of roach and perch and was keen to try

News Update – 1st October 2023

Mick Usher was keen to resume his eel fishing at Gingerbread Lake using two new rods he had acquired. His first cast saw one of his rods break in half leaving him with the dilemma of calling it a day or fishing through the night

News Update: 24th September 2023

Bailiff Ryan Godding worked hard on the recent working party at Gingerbread Lake when several swims were completely rebuilt so it was fitting for him to be rewarded by catching a lovely looking mirror carp after the work had finished. Mick Usher has had a