High Temperatures Slow Fishing

July 9th, 2018 • By: Alan Davies News

Catch reports have been thin on the ground in the last few weeks, probably due the high temperatures and world cup fever!!

Chris Tribe had a go at McGregor Lake and had two miror carp off the surface, the largest 17lb.

Julian Peacock continued with his short sessions on Swan Lake and reported catching two carp, a 28lb and 32lb Mirror

The club is giving advanced warning that Gingerbread Lake will be closed over the August Bank Holiday weekend to allow for maintenance work on Swims and the track. Anglers wishing to help on BOTH days (Saturday and Sunday) will be able to fish the night. Anyone fishing the Saturday night will be expected to work on the Sunday, unlike previously where some anglers have gone home.

Off the Top

June 11th, 2018 • By: Alan Davies News

Paul Wixcey had a go at catching the carp in Mcgregor Lake off the surface and was rewarded with two mirror carp of 19lb and 17lb.

Anthony Pogmore had a bag of six mirror carp upto 17lb 12oz, fishing snowman rigs over a scattering of bait as well as a surprise eel of about 2lbs. Robert Livock continues to catch carp during his day sessions, his best this week being a 14lb Common Carp.

Also on McGregor Lake Mick Day reported catching a sizeable Bream along with a 13lb 4oz Mirror Carp, while another angler fishing a small bay, caught a 7lb 3oz Tench as well as a Bream of 4lb

Winston Pogmore, fishing over a bed of particles and boilies on Swan Lake had a 7lb 11oz Tench, a species which is starting to show in increasing numbers on the lake.

Gingerbread Lake continues to fish well, despite the carp recently spawning, with several 30lb+ fish reported, topped by the Clone being caught again at 39lb+

Lots Being Caught

May 28th, 2018 • By: Alan Davies News

The last week has seen an upturn in fish being caught, with all waters producing fish.

Richard Fosker fishing Gingerbread had 6 carp during the week, topped by a mirror known the Clone at 39.04, the other fish all being doubles upto 19lb. Mark Arnold did a quick overnighter and had two fish 18lb and 34.08. Another angler who found the fish on Gingerbread to be feeding was Stephen Oxborough who had 5 fish from the deep bay, the largest going 31lb. Floater fishing in the warmer weather has also been producing fish with several 20lb+ fish and a 37.08 Mirror coming off the top. Reports were also received of another angler having two fish, both commons of 27lb and 17lb from the bottom end of the lake.

Swan Lake was the venue for Julian Peacock, which saw him land a superbly condition mirror carp of 34lb.

McGregor Lake is still producing the goods. Anthony Pogmore caught 2 mirror carp, weighing 22.08 and 18lb, while Alan Wilkie had three upto 18lb. Robert Livock on a recent session had a 5lb tench as well as four carp upto 12lb, he returned the next day and had two more mirror carp of 16lb and 12.08. Another angler on the lake targeted the bream and reported catching 5 in a session, all over 5lb.

With the increase in temperature, it has been reported that the carp have started spawning in Gingerbread.

Club books for the 2018/19 season are now available to purchase from the usual outlets. These books become valid on 16th June

Carp, Carp and More Carp

May 13th, 2018 • By: Alan Davies News

The recent warmer weather has seen the carp on the feed at the Sandy Lake complex.

On a recent visit to Swan Lake, Del Orchard had a 32.06 mirror carp during the day.

McGregor Lake has continued to provide sport from almost anywhere on the lake. Robert Livock caught 3 doubles in one session, the best a 15lb Common, while Anthony Pogmore managed a 16lb Mirror, caught just as he was packing up. Alan Davies and Matt Dockerty have been fishing the lake in short evening sessions for the last couple of weeks, which has seen over 20 carp caught, most of them doubles topped by a 19lb Mirror.

With the deadline for night permit renewals passed, spaces are now being offered to those on the waiting lists.

Plenty Being Caught

April 27th, 2018 • By: Alan Davies News

Carp have been on the feed across all of the clubs waters. The 40lb 2oz ‘Moonscale’ caught from Gingerbread Lake by Kevin Bacon tops the list of big fish. Also from Gingerbread Lake, Mick Broom had a 29lb 10oz carp, while Mike Usher had Common Carp of 31lb and 17ib.

Swan Lake produced a bream of 11lb to Peter Scoat, while Paul Swift had a Mirror Carp of 30lb 4oz which he named Arfur due to it only having half a tail, obviously as a result of a close encounter with an otter, a reminder of why all the lakes are now fenced and why all members need to ensure that the Gates are kept closed.

On McGregor Lake, Paul Burton caught 7 carp on a recent weekend session, the largest two being 17lb 2oz and 20lb 1oz. Alan Davies has been dropping in for some short sessions and has caught on both his recent visits with 15lb Mirror Carp gracing his net.

The deadline for night permits renewals is this Monday 30th April, after which night permits will be offered to those on the waiting lists.

New season books should be in the shops shortly.

High Temperatures Slow Fishing

July 9, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Off the Top

June 11, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Lots Being Caught

May 28, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Carp, Carp and More Carp

May 13, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

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