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News Update: 17th March 2019

Since re-joining BHAA a couple of years ago, Karl Franklin has been enjoying some great sport fishing the club’s Sandy complex where he has caught from both Swan and McGregor Lakes. Over the winter months, he has focused his attention on McGregor Lake from where

News Update: 10th March 2019

The unsettled conditions over the past resulted in an increased number of catch reports and signs that fish are now starting to feed more often. Regular visitor to McGregor Lake, Robert Livock, caught an 11lb common carp fishing alongside some branches that had fallen into

News Update: 19th February 2019

Winston Pogmore made his first trip to his favourite stretch of the River Ivel at Tempsford in search of a chub or two. Fishing with link-ledgered bread flake, he soon hooked into a powerful fish that turned out to be a specimen 5lb 2oz chub.

News Update: 11th February 2019

The uplift in temperatures saw ice disappear from BHAA’s still waters. Bailiff David Grant was confident that carp in Swan Lake would be moving so decided to fish a three-night session. Two days and nights passed without any bites,  but he remained determined to finish

News Update: 28th January 2019

Fraser Hayden fished overnight at McGregor Lake through strong winds and heavy showers using method feeder tactics. During the night he caught three carp weighing 6lbs, 11lb 9oz and 19lb 9oz to make his trip worthwhile.

News Update: 20th January 2019

Despite rocket bottom temperatures, Nick (the Greek) Page left fellow anglers in awe as he demonstrated that fish could still be caught when he fished during the daytime at Swan Lake, a water that is fast growing a reputation as being an exceptional big fish venue. Nick caught three cracking carp throughout his stay weighing 24lb 1oz, 33lb 4oz and 30lb 4oz.

News Update: 6th January 2019

Karl Franklin was back on the River Ivel after roach. He float-fished to catch a handful of roach in the 6-8oz range. Later, he tried for chub but could not attract any fish to feed.

News Update: 31st December 2018

On his last carp fishing trip to McGregor Lake, Karl Franklin only managed to bank a 3lb bream throughout the day and decided it was time to try for another species. He targeted a stretch of the River Ivel near Tempsford using his own home-made paste as bait