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News Update: 6th September 2020

Fisheries Officer George Horne took his daughter Scarlett along with him for an overnight session at McGregor Lake and Scarlett was thrilled when he caught a double-figured mirror carp followed by another mirror around 10lbs. Lloyd Gadsby who broke his duck on the lake the

News Update: 30th August 2020

Paul Burton managed to put in one overnight session on Swan Lake during the week and was rewarded with the capture of a hard fighting 14lb 13oz mirror carp. Lloyd Gadsby has been putting in a lot of effort at McGregor Lake from the start

News Update: 23rd August 2020

Despite favourable weather conditions for much of the past week, catch reports have been few. Alan Wilkie decided to try for bream and tench at Swan Lake and prepared his swim by casting out two or three spods of freebies. The tactic soon produced bites

News Update: 16th August 2020

The extremely hot weather has kept many anglers away from the waters but for those prepared to suffer the conditions there were still rewards to be reaped. Bailiff David Grant returned to Swan Lake for his latest three-night stint baiting an area he knew to

News Update: 9th August 2020

Members are asked not to discard used tea bags or cigarette butts in swims as these constitute litter and are offensive to fellow anglers. Instead, take them home with you and dispose of them properly. Bailiffs will be checking that swims are left clear of

News Update: 2nd August 2020

Fraser Hayden fished overnight into a strong wind at McGregor Lake with a spectacular result. He caught eight carp during his session weighing 12lb 7oz, 12lb 12oz, 14lb 2oz, 15lb 2oz, 15lb 5oz, 16lb 5oz, 16lb 12oz and a 7lbs. Unfortunately for him, his stay

News Update: 26th July 2020

Fishing at McGregor Lake in recent weeks has produced some great catches but others have struggled to find any feeding fish. Trevor Richardson is one angler who has enjoyed consistent sport averaging around 5-6 carp each session. Moreover, his catches have included five mirror carp

News Update: 19th July 2020

Chris Jeffries fished overnight at Swan Lake during a night of heavy rain and was forced to leave the shelter of his bivvy on four occasions to strike into runs. His intended targets were the lake’s carp but the four runs were all from big

News Update: 13th July 2020

The awful weather conditions for much of the week severely reduced catches at the Sandy Lakes fishery, the reverse of what had happened the previous week. Carp were seen crashing out in Swan Lake on the windward side of the lake but anglers fishing from

News Update: 5th July 2020

Weed beds have reappeared at Swan Lake after being absent for several years following an algae bloom in the water that killed them off. Chris Jeffries followed up his capture of a 22lb mirror carp by catching a 20lb common carp during the day and