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News Update: 26th January 2020

Fraser Hayden continued his fishing exploits on the River Ivel when he decided to fish a stretch at Sandy for a short evening session. He moved from swim to swim in search of fish using small cubes of luncheon meat as bait and went on

News Update: 19th January 2020

The recent heavy rains meant that the lower reaches of the rivers were carrying a lot of flood water so Fraser Hayden decided to visit an upper stretch of the River Ivel, BHAA’s Langford Mill stretch. In a short afternoon session, he caught 16lbs of

Memberships 19/20 Season

Association membership is now full for the 2019 / 20 season. New association books will be available this year, from approx mid May. This is the first time that we have a full uptake so early in the year, reflecting a growing reputation as a

News Update: 12th January 2020

Paul Burton had an incredible winter haul of fish from McGregor Lake when he fished overnight to catch over 150lbs of carp and bream. His catch included 6 mirror carp ranging from 7lb 11oz to 20lb 14oz, 5 common carp from 7lb 7oz to 16lb

News Update: 5th January 2020

Paul Burton’s provided a detailed report and photos of his recent catch from McGregor Lake which included mirror carp weighing 17lb 13oz, 17lb 11oz, 17lb 8oz, 15lb 2oz and 13lb 4oz all of which were caught at night. Robert Livock fished a day session and

News Update: 29th December 2019

The previous week’s rain got the fish feeding in McGregor Lake during Xmas week albeit mainly after dark. Stephen Chessum fished overnight to catch three nice carp, a 17lb fish and two around 12lbs each. Paul Burton also fished for one night catching five carp

News Update: 22nd December 2019

Despite the prolonged periods of rain the milder conditions were enough to entice a number of anglers to wet a line at BHAA’s still waters. Robert Livock fished at McGregor Lake where he managed to tempt a small fully scaled mirror and two bream around

News Update: 15th December 2019

Fraser Hayden visited another BHAA controlled stretch of the Upper Ouse above Bedford in search of big perch that were known to be present. He used a block end feeder filled with maggots and chopped worm with lobworms on a size 8 hook. Only one

News Update: 8th December 2019

The slightly milder weather encouraged Fraser Hayden to visit one of the club’s stretches of the River Ouse selecting a swim where the flow varied with slow and faster glides. He fed his swim with the occasional handful of mashed up bread to try to

News Update: 24th November 2019

With water temperatures cooling to 5-6c, the chances of catching carp start to diminish but a few hardy souls proved that fish were still feeding in McGregor Lake. ‘Secret Steve’ Curtin spotted carp jumping alongside the long island and so he decided to fish there