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Special Feature – Open Day at McGregor Lake

BHAA Ltd held its first Open Day at McGregor Lake in Sandy and it turned out to be a great day with 30 youngsters taking part accompanied by some mums and dads. There were three qualified coaches on hand to help the youngsters as well as board members to give advice. Everyone who took part caught fish with roach and skimmers feeding well throughout the day. Some larger carp were caught too with Conor Young landing a whopper weighing 12lb 12oz and two more around the 10lb mark.

Open Day at McGregor Lake a roaring success

Around 30 youngsters attended the BHAA’s Open Day at McGregor Lake and even the sun stayed out for most of the day too! They were soon benefiting from intense tuition and advice provided by the club’s three qualified coaches and other experienced anglers in attendance. There were plenty of fish caught throughout day with a variety of methods employed such as float-fishing, swim feeding and ledgering with boilies for the lake’s big carp. Species of fish caught included perch, roach, bream, rudd, hybrids and some good-sized carp. The catch of the day was made by Conor Young who landed a whopping 12lb 12oz mirror carp and another just under 10lbs. Conor was using spicy tuna flavoured boilies bought from Walker’s Pitch, one of the event’s principal sponsors. The big carp easily broke his previous personal best as did fish caught by many of the other participants. The club provided hot and cold drinks throughout the day and a good supply of biscuits to nibble on. A fuller report of the event together will appear in next week’s report along with photos of some of the youngsters and their catches. Our thanks go out to our many generous sponsors who will be included in the report too. Also, a big ‘Thank you’ is due to the club’s officers who planned the event and made it such a success. A second Open Day is planned for September so keep a look out for more details in the next few weeks and remember that everything will be provided free of charge.

Luke sets a new record at Swan Lake

Luke Garner confirmed the presence of big eels at Swan Lake when he set a new lake record by catching a 5lb 12oz specimen. Head bailiff Dave Hallybone fished over a bed of particles to catch a 26lb mirror carp as boilies failed to provide much action for other anglers. Dennis Smith targeted yet another species of fish when he float-fished at the lake catching more than 20lbs of immaculately conditioned roach averaging around the 12oz mark.

Big eels to be caught at Swan Lake

Lou Gilhart has caught two good-sized eels around the 3lb mark on his last two visits to Swan Lake. Both fish fell to a seafood bait he bought from his local supermarket. George Horne regularly fishes for them and reckons there are plenty to be caught. His best specimen from the lake weighed 5lb 4oz. Kevin Webb caught a 20lb 4oz mirror carp on his last visit to the lake and said he has yet to catch a carp under 20lbs from this developing big fish water. Some nice quality roach and rudd have been caught from this lake in recent weeks taking a variety of small baits including pellets, sweetcorn and maggots.

Changeable weather puts carp into a sulk

Carp were about to spawn when a recent drop in temperature undoubtedly put them into a stressed state and generally off the feed. At least three carp at Gingerbread Lake and one at Swan Lake were reported to have died during this spell in common with some big fish elsewhere in the country. One fish to buck this trend was the mirror carp named ‘Cluster’ that decided to feed and was caught by a member fishing at Gingerbread Lake weighing 42lbs. Also,Winston Pogmore finally got the better of one the marauding pike that kept snacking on hooked rudd and roach when he landed a 16lb specimen.

Damon finds the big carp!

Damon has found several of the lakes big carp holding up in the area and has gone on to catch the mirror nicknamed ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing an impressive 36lb 6oz, a linear mirror weighing 31lbs, a heavily-scaled 26lb mirror and a 25lb 2oz common carp. Colin Burge moved back into one of his old favourite swims in the factory bay and had a hectic session catching 5 tench to 7lb 4oz and a good-sized bream.

Big pike is still pinching fish!

A crafty pike at Gingerbread Lake has found an easy way of supplementing his diet by grabbing fish off anglers’ lines as they wind in. Winston Pogmore was the latest victim to fall foul of the marauding pike estimated to weigh around 20lbs. He decided to try to catch it using a small lure but after catching eleven perch he decided to call it a day. On a previous visit, he caught one of the new carp stocked into the lake, a small heavily-scaled mirror that put up a tremendous scrap. Tench, bream and the odd carp have been caught by anglers with many fish now releasing feeder bubbles as they forage on the bottom. Anthony Pearson has managed to pick up a carp on each of his last three visits and his latest catch was a 31lb common carp. Harold Hunt had a fairly hectic session catching a couple of good-sized bream, losing a carp and then catching a huge 9lb tench. All of Harold’s fish fell to boilies.