From the A1 at Beeston enter New Road heading towards the mainline railway station in Sandy. After crossing the river Ivel, entrance gate to the fishery is situated about ¼ mile on the right-hand side.

All gates must be kept closed when not in use. All gates with locks must be kept locked when not in use. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to removal from the Association.

Swan Lake, Sandy (100% Otter Fenced)

This former trout fishery is fast developing a reputation as a specimen carp water, and the water quality has lead to some astonishing growth rates over recent years. It is known that there are fifteen 30lb plus carp in Swan Lake, with many high twenties moving towards that status. At only 4 acres it is an intimate water, where “old school” watercraft and courteous angling deliver the best results.

Fishing is restricted to 2 rods at Swan Lake.


Swan Lake is developing as a specimen carp water and was stocked with some fast growing mirror carp in 2005 up to 8lbs by AJS Fisheries. In May 2006, another consignment of both mirror and common carp were introduced from Sporting and Leisure Fisheries Ltd. and a third consignment was stocked from Fisher Pond in early 2007. Since then The Associoation has taken several deliveries from VS Fisheries of year 4 and 5 class stock.


Whilst unpopular with the carp angler, those interested in “slabs” have some magnificent specimens to fish for at Swan Lake. Fish to over 14lbs have been caught, and those targeting the bream by design are rewarded with single session catches of multiple double figure fish. These are strong shouldered dark flanked fish, and all in stunning condition.


There are pike in Swan Lake to over 20lbs, and are caught by all traditional methods. During some seasons they fail to appear, and in others they seem to be caught with regularity. Recognising how vulnerable this species are to angling pressure, perhaps that is no bad thing.


There are an increasing number of tench being caught from the Swan Lake, averaging around 6lbs. The gently sloping margins of some swims are perfect for delicate float fishing.


There are some large shoals of roach in Swan Lake, many holding fish up to 1lb 8oz, with a 2lb fish a real possibility. Those targeting these fish on either the pole or the feeder can have big catches during the winter months.


Swan Lake holds Eels up to 7lbs, but the true potential of the venue is really unexplored by specialist anglers. Those who have targeted them have had success with lob worms and small dead baits legered on very free running rigs.

McGregor Lake, Sandy (100% Otter Fenced)

At around 8 Acres, McGregor Lake is the Associations “runs” water. Since obtaining the fishing rights, it has been stocked with several thousand small but fast-growing mirror and common carp obtained from both AJS Fisheries and Sport and Leisure Fisheries. Over recent years, these have been added to with hundreds of carp from Sport and Leisure.  The average size is now well over 15lbs, and 20lb plus examples are very common.

Fishing is restricted to 2 rods at McGregor Lake.


There is a very high density of stock in McGregor Lake, and as a result, they are an obliging quarry, with day sessions producing regular multiple catches. It is a venue that can be relied on to deliver some action during the winter months, and due to its shallow nature, warms up very quickly during the spring. These are exceptionally hard fighting fish, giving their all right to the net. They should be shown resulting respect whilst on the bank.


Pike have been caught from McGregor Lake up to 26lbs. Dead baits provide the best results, as these pike home in via smell rather than sight due to a lack of water clarity.


Tench to over 9lbs have been caught at McGregor Lake, although in recent years their numbers have not been prolific. Perch to over 3lbs are not uncommon. There is an active element of the membership who fish for species other than carp. Using float, feeder and pole tactics they are rewarded with excellent bags of roach, bream, hybrids up to 6lbs, occasional rudd and; reflecting the quality of the water, gudgeon!

Grace Lake, Sandy

We should really say Grace Lakes, as there are two to fish. Both venues are tiny, and ideally suited to float fishing.

The 2 rod limit also apples here, and there is NO NIGHT FISHING.

The largest is still only just over an acre. This was drained and removed of predators as far as possible as well as any resident carp!  Over recent years The Association has invested in stocking Crucian Carp and Tench. The Crucian Carp are being caught to just under 3lbs, and the tench average around 5lbs. There are roach, rudd and bream present, almost certainly introduced via flooding of the nearby River Ivel.

The smallest is deep, and has received stocks of roach, rudd and bream. It is rarely fished, and may hold some surprises for those who are prepared to pioneer.