Changeable weather conditions help to get the fish moving

Tench and carp were spawning again at Gingerbread Lake in the early part of the week but showed some interest in feeding. Michael Cooney caught eight bream and four mirror carp including a new personal best. His carp weighed 12lbs, 28lb 2oz, 28lb 8oz and 31lb 8oz. Andy Page has still to open his account with the lake’s carp but is not complaining as he recently caught a 10lb tench together with a couple of bream. John Murphy landed seven bream to 9lbs during a daytime visit and Kevin Webb fishing alongside him caught a 6lb tench too. Ian Warner caught three carp including one over 20lbs.

Big carp still active at Gingerbread!

The recent return to milder weather has kept carp active at Gingerbread Lake where fish can be observed on most days leaping on the windward side. Gary Exton had a red letter session recently by landing no fewer than three big carp as well as losing another two good fish. Gary’s fish were reported to weigh 19lbs, 21lbs and 26lbs.