Open Day, a success story

Neil Sampson, the club’s chairman, reported catching a 21lb mirror carp from Swan Lake during an overnight session and another small tench again raising suspicions that someone has been moving fish without the club’s permission or EA consent. Swan Lake has produced, at least, three different 30lb plus carp so far this season showing that it well on its way to becoming another big fish water.

Hot weather keeps carp spawning

Complaints have been received of some irresponsible anglers leaving their dog mess in swims. Please ensure that all such mess is cleared from both swims and pathways as otherwise they may risk dogs being banned in the future. Also, dogs should not be allowed to disturb other anglers by being allowed to roam away from their owners.

Last of the Summer wine?

Anglers fishing at McGregor Lake have found carp to be feeding during the daytime with fish often jumping out over much of the lake. Kevin Webb decided to try Denham Baits’ ‘The Element’ boilies and, within 15 minutes, he netted a nice 10lb mirror before the fish stopped feeding. Winston Pogmore went to the less popular shallow end of the lake where he caught a 12lb 2oz mirror using Richworth’s ‘Tuity Fruity’ boilies and was unlucky to lose another good fish en route to the net.

Cluster puts in an appearance

Winston Pogmore float-fished with cockles but had only managed to catch a small bream but, as he decided to pack up, his float dipped under and he ended up catching a nice 5lb 14oz tench. Another member pole-fished with sweet corn as bait catching plenty of roach and rudd throughout the day. Richard Holden has joined our bailiffing team and will be carrying out spot checks around the lake from time to time.

Tench on the feed at Gingerbread Lake

It was a different story at Swan Lake where there were few signs of feeding fish throughout the day. A new member, Craig Jones, fished at nearby McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a haul of three carp weighing 18lb 8oz, 18lbs and 15lb 7oz plus a small common of 4lbs.

Rain triggers bream and tench spawning!

Bream were feeding during the daytime at Swan Lake where John Murphy caught two weighing 9lb 14oz and 9lb 1oz. John had observed bream spawning in the side throughout the day. The lake water is very clear at the moment making fish very hard to catch on bright sunny days.

They just keep getting bigger!

James Lee invited a couple of guests to fish with him on one of BHAA’s lakes but when the trio turned up conditions looked far from ideal. Nevertheless, they had paid for a day’s fishing and they were determined to make a go of it. After a few hours, one of James’s companions had a run on a deadbait and connected with a good fish. It was soon landed and turned out to be a huge pike weighing 26lbs, beating his previous best by a massive 15lbs.

Dale catches another stunner!

Dale Walters carried on his recent success at Gingerbread Lake whilst fishing overnight during the recent spell of cold weather. His reward was a stunning 35lb 7oz mirror carp which was also a new personal best for him. By the end of the cold spell, the carp seemed to have stopped feeding but a few fish have been observed leaping out after the return of milder weather. However, there has been plenty of action from small pike and perch as more predator anglers begin to target the lake.