News Update: 22nd December 2019

Despite the prolonged periods of rain the milder conditions were enough to entice a number of anglers to wet a line at BHAA’s still waters. Robert Livock fished at McGregor Lake where he managed to tempt a small fully scaled mirror and two bream around 4lbs each. Bailiff David Grant fished a couple of nights […]

News Update: 5th August 2019

Very few anglers ventured out in the recent spell of hot weather followed by heavy rain but there were rewards for those who did. A member fishing at McGregor Lake caught four carp before rising temperatures finally made him call it a day. Dave Albon caught a 15lb 8oz mirror carp in the hot spell […]

News Update: 6th June 2019

A somewhat damp week with monsoon conditions on several days. Carp were active on Swan Lake and could be seen crashing out on the surface on most days. One member landed a good sized carp during the week but no details have been forthcoming. Karl Franklin was back on McGregor Lake where he caught a […]

News Update: 26th May 2019

Stephen Chessum finally managed to catch a carp from Swan Lake that was under 30lbs, the fish being a 21lb 15oz mirror. By the way, he also caught another 30lb mirror making it no fewer than seven 30s for him this season! A few big carp have been caught by other anglers during the week […]

News Update: 19th May 2019

Current lake record holder at Swan, Lee Allum, caught several other fish during his session including a surprise 8lb 8oz tench. The previous weekend saw other anglers banking big carp from this venue too. Fraser Hayden has been frustrated in his quest for a double figured bream from Swan Lake as on his latest overnight […]

News Update: 5th May 2019

Another lake record has been broken at Swan Lake with the capture of the heaviest common carp, a 36lb specimen. The fish fell to Stephen Chessum and was easily recognisable by its distinctive colouring with the front half of the fish light green and the rear half dark green. It was Stephen’s third carp in […]

News Update: 31st December 2018

On his last carp fishing trip to McGregor Lake, Karl Franklin only managed to bank a 3lb bream throughout the day and decided it was time to try for another species. He targeted a stretch of the River Ivel near Tempsford using his own home-made paste as bait

July 17th, 2017

Jim Shelley targeted The Drift behind Gingerbread Lake for the river carp and after landing several sizeable bream, was finally rewarded with a 19lb mirror.

Swan Lake catches

A member has been targeting Swan Lake’s big bream which have become quite elusive creatures in recent times. His tactics proved successful as he caught two double-figured specimens and a 15lb carp as well. Another member fishing caught a 30lb carp during an overnight stay.

Swan Lake bream bonanza

Alan Grimsey fished into the teeth of a cold wind when most other anglers were seeking shelter on the lee side of Gingerbread Lake. He caught a 17lb carp and had only just returned it when his second rod registered a take. This time it turned out to be from a 35lb mirror carp which Alan was busy photographing when his third rod was away.