Tench galore from Grace Lake

Anthony Pogmore experienced a screaming run almost immediately after casting out but then had to watch the aforementioned duo for the rest of the day! Undeterred, he returned to the same swim the following day and caught 4 mirror carp and a common carp, the best weighing 12lb 10oz.

Changeable weather puts carp into a sulk

Carp were about to spawn when a recent drop in temperature undoubtedly put them into a stressed state and generally off the feed. At least three carp at Gingerbread Lake and one at Swan Lake were reported to have died during this spell in common with some big fish elsewhere in the country. One fish to buck this trend was the mirror carp named ‘Cluster’ that decided to feed and was caught by a member fishing at Gingerbread Lake weighing 42lbs. Also,Winston Pogmore finally got the better of one the marauding pike that kept snacking on hooked rudd and roach when he landed a 16lb specimen.

Records continue to be broken!

There has been a number of outstanding catches made at BHAA-controlled venues during the past week. A new lake record was set by Rob Underwood when he caught ‘Cluster’ from Gingerbread Lake at the mirror carp’s highest ever recorded weight of 43lb 1oz. Rob was able to confirm that the fish appeared to be recovering well from its recent brush with an otter. Dale Walters has been getting amongst the fish landing 5 carp to just over 20lbs. However, a move of swim put the icing on the cake for Dale when he caught ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing 37lb 6oz. He hooked another big fish that he could not get to the surface before it managed to escape. Dale’s son Clint set a new personal best when he landed a 30lb 1oz mirror and a second weighing 28lb 4oz. A member fishing the ‘Beach’ swim landed mirrors of 27lb and 28lb 8oz with both fish falling to artificial corn. Another member tempted a 29lb common from ‘Deep’ bay, an area generally neglected by the carp boys. Paul Webb was still catching the odd rudd to 1lb using float-fished lobworms as bait. Bream seem to be feeding avidly in many swims homing in on particles, corn and pellets. A few tench continue to be caught but they are still not really getting on the feed.