News Update: 15th September 2019

It seems the onset of autumnal weather has got fish into a feeding mood as at Gingerbread Lake there have been multiple catches of carp with almost all the known specimens being caught and some more than once. The relative richness of food in Swan Lake tends to make it a harder proposition with many […]

News Update: 25th August 2019

Steve Curtin added another two 20s to his tally fishing at Swan Lake by catching carp weighing 23lbs and 27lb 12oz. Also, he landed a second eel using a retro bait. A member fishing overnight caught a 31lb carp whilst bailiff David Grant banked a 30lb 13oz common carp in his latest three-night session. Sport […]

Carp, Carp and More Carp

McGregor Lake has continued to provide sport from almost anywhere on the lake. Robert Livock caught 3 doubles in one session, the best a 15lb Common, while Anthony Pogmore managed a 16lb Mirror, caught just as he was packing up.

One for the ladies!

Chris Miller took his daughter Chiana to Gingerbread Lake for her first weekend session after the lake’s carp and she passed with flying colours by catching a new personal best 18lb 8oz common carp.

The Clone slips up to the same angler

David Grant fished a three-night session at Swan Lake catching two pristine carp, a common weighing 25lb 6oz and a mirror of 28lb 3oz. He used MAD Baits’ boilies as bait. The lake now holds, at least, seven different carp weighing over 30lbs with one of them nearing 37lbs.

High pressure slows down feeding

Richard Bartlett has found a swim at McGregor Lake from which he seems to catch every time he fishes it. In a short evening session, he caught a 16lb mirror and the following evening two 8-10lb common carp. His successful baits were Sticky Baits’ boilies.

Both rivers and lakes provide some good catches

Richard Fosker caught four carp during a 24-hour session at Gingerbread Lake including a 32lb 2oz mirror carp. His other fish were a 14lb 2oz common and mirrors weighing 16lb 8oz and 12lb 8oz. Mark Saunders continued his hot run of catches from the lake with a 25lb 2oz common carp.

Otter fencing for Gingerbread Lake

Sport at Swan Lake appears to have markedly slowed down no doubt attributable to carp getting ready to spawn. Bob Kitchener fished overnight catching a 13lb common but overall bites were hard to come by.

Fantastic catches from our fisheries including a brace of 40s

Swan Lake has been fishing exceptionally well during the daytime too with several big fish being caught. Callum Sharp caught a 19lb common and Chris Hopkins landed a 25lb mirror. Richard Fosker caught a heavily scaled 24lb 8oz mirror in bright sunshine as well.

Cold weather continues but carp feeding well

Members fishing at Swan Lake have found the lake’s big carp to be more active during the daytime with Evan John catching mirrors weighing 34lbs, 30lbs and 28lbs on recent visits.