Carp Galore

Another angler who fished McGregor in the recent windy conditions was Paul Burton who caught three Mirror Carp upto 16.08. One of the carp he caught was a repeat capture from July when it weighed 11.04, this time weighing 12.04 showing that the fish are still putting on weight.

A lot more festive fun!

Peter Scoats hit the jackpot whilst fishing at Swan Lake, Sandy. In a frantic one hour spell he caught two of the lake’s big carp, a 29lb4oz mirror and a 25lb common.

Secretive Gingerbread tench located

Robert Livock has caught carp throughout the week at McGregor Lake banking nine fish in three visits. His fish were commons weighing 8lb, 10lb 2oz and mirrors of 8lb, three at 11lb 8oz, 12lb 8oz, 13lb and 14lb 8oz.

Hot weather keeps carp spawning

Complaints have been received of some irresponsible anglers leaving their dog mess in swims. Please ensure that all such mess is cleared from both swims and pathways as otherwise they may risk dogs being banned in the future. Also, dogs should not be allowed to disturb other anglers by being allowed to roam away from their owners.

Paul lands another p.b. carp

Club secretary Alan Davies has just returned from the holiday of a lifetime fishing for sturgeon the mighty Fraser River in Canada with his friend Ian. The two anglers landed 41 fish during their six-day trip ranging from 2lbs to 400lbs with no fewer than 15 fish topping 100lbs. They went on a trip organised by Great Fishing Adventures and their two river guides, Curtis and Ben, provided all the equipment including 7ft one-piece fibreglass rods with multiplier reels loaded with 150lb braided line. Terminal tackle consisted of a 2lb running lead to a 200lb braided hook link with a size 10/0 hook.

Tench on the feed at Gingerbread Lake

It was a different story at Swan Lake where there were few signs of feeding fish throughout the day. A new member, Craig Jones, fished at nearby McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a haul of three carp weighing 18lb 8oz, 18lbs and 15lb 7oz plus a small common of 4lbs.

Spectacular catches as temperatures continue to rise

Alan Wilkie confirmed his recent catches from Swan Lake as being an 18lb 6oz common carp, a 20lb 13oz mirror carp and a 10lb 9oz bream. Alan said his two carp fought long and hard as he was only using light tackle intended for bream. His son Paul visited the lake for the first time since joining the club and soon spotted a good-sized carp surface near his swim. He cast his baited rig to where the fish had risen and, within a few minutes, had a run.

Big fish keep coming two by two!

Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore used an attractor boilie fished snowman style cast amidst a bed of Denham Baits’ Inception boilies in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake. He had just received a phone call from one of the club’s bailiffs when the alarm for his right-hand rode signaled a run. The phone was thrown to the floor and, after a short fight, a 20lb 8oz mirror carp was netted. The fish was soon returned so Anthony got back on the phone to explain to his colleague what had happened. He had barely started to talk when his left-hand alarm screamed out and the phone was quickly discarded for a second time. This time the fish turned out to be a 25lb mirror carp.

Damon finds the big carp!

Damon has found several of the lakes big carp holding up in the area and has gone on to catch the mirror nicknamed ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing an impressive 36lb 6oz, a linear mirror weighing 31lbs, a heavily-scaled 26lb mirror and a 25lb 2oz common carp. Colin Burge moved back into one of his old favourite swims in the factory bay and had a hectic session catching 5 tench to 7lb 4oz and a good-sized bream.

Three 30s caught at Gingerbread Lake

The recent stocking of some new carp into Gingerbread Lake seems to have enlivened the water as plenty of carp have been caught from all around the lake. A tench angler was fishing in ‘two-bar’ bay when he saw a big fish top in an area difficult to cast two. Nevertheless, he managed to cast a boily into the area where the fish had surfaced and, before long, he had a run. The fish was landed and turned out to be a 38lb near leather mirror carp, one of the lake’s biggest residents. Steve Bull has continued his run of big carp with his latest capture, a 31lb common carp known as the ‘long common’ which he caught on corn over a bed of freebies. Steve also caught a 13lb mirror carp on a surface fished bait. Michael Cooney fished in the factory bay and was confident of catching as there were signs of carp activity around his swim. Michael went on to catch an immaculate 30lb linear mirror carp and was unlucky to lose another good fish. Dale Walters fished the ‘dugout’ swim and enjoyed plenty of action landing 5 carp to just over 20lbs plus a couple of big bream. Paul Webb always comes up with something out of the ordinary and this week it was a 4lb 4oz eel that took his lobworm bait in the bridge bay. Tench angler Matthew Jellis was well pleased to land two big tench, one weighing just under 8lbs and the other closer to 9lbs as well as a 10lb common carp that tested his tackle. Anthony Pogmore also caught a good-sized tench around 7lbs using a method feeder and plastic corn. Overall, it was a bit of a strange week though with some days carp being seen cruising the surface and on other days not a sign of a fish anywhere.