Carp at Swan Lake still Mad for it!!

A three-night session at Swan Lake started slowly for David Grant with no action in the first night. However, the next morning action began with him landing a 31lb 12oz common carp. He went on to catch two more carp during his stay, both mirrors weighing 23lb 12oz and 21lb 4oz. All his fish fell […]

The magic continues

Mark Sinclair visited Grace Lake where he went on to catch a 5lb 4oz tench using a maggot feeder. This intimate lake has been well stocked with both crucian carp and tench and offers a welcome change from the other more heavily fished venues.

Gingerbread feeding fest before new stock arrives

BHAA received a consignment of mirror and common carp from VS Fisheries to top up stocks in both Swan and Gingerbread Lakes. In all, four mirrors and commons were introduced into Swan Lake weighing around 14-15lb each and sixty fish were later stocked into Gingerbread Lake averaging over 9lbs each with many low doubles. All the fish were in super condition and have a reputation for growing fast and large. A delivery of crucian carp is still awaited for Grace Lake from another supplier.

BHAA waters to receive new stocks of fish

Pike anglers have been out in force on all of the Association’s main lakes. A 20lb specimen was reportedly caught at Swan Lake whilst McGregor Lake has produced a number of good-sized fish to 17lbs. Carp were still feeding in Swan Lake but nearly all of the action was taking place in the hours of darkness.

Fraser slugs it out whilst Ian enjoys triple success

Fisheries officer Martin Crouch decided to try for the tench and crucian carp stocked into Grace Lake and went on to catch three nice tench to 4lb 10oz on float tackle. Martin said that he kept getting bites from what he suspected to be crucian carp but they were too finicky to strike into.

Grace Lake receives a boost

In the latter part of the week, the lakes started to freeze over but it did not stop a few anglers from wetting a line. Mick Broom fished at McGregor Lake with ice on the surface but still found carp to be feeding catching both a common and a mirror carp in quick succession and losing another when his line became snagged on some broken, tethered line. A couple more carp were caught at Swan Lake too by a member fishing close to the margins.

London bus syndrome strikes again

Michael Cooney was fishing in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake when he had a run which turned out to be a lovely 20lb 12oz common carp. He was about to put it on to his unhooking mat when one of his other rods was away with another run. Michael eventually landed the fish which turned out to be another big common, this time a 22lb 12oz specimen, with both fish in his landing net at the same time. On a previous visit, Michael caught a 26lb 8oz mirror together with a number of bream. Pete Housden is a newly-appointed bailiff who will be at the venue throughout the winter months in addition to the other bailiffs.