News Update: 7th July 2019

Hot weather has implications on fish, and the way we should approach angling for them. Please take some time to read these guidelines (click to view) High pressure and high temperatures severely affected catches on the club’s still waters this week. A new member fishing at Gingerbread Lake though did get off to a good […]

Chub, Eels and a Barbel

Reports of fish being caught have been few and far between during August. Aaron Prior after an overnight session at McGregor Lake, went and fished the back meadows in Biggleswade and reported catching three chub upto 5.06 and a barbel of 10.05.

Off the Top

Anthony Pogmore had a bag of six mirror carp upto 17lb 12oz, fishing snowman rigs over a scattering of bait as well as a surprise eel of about 2lbs. Robert Livock continues to catch carp during his day sessions, his best this week being a 14lb Common Carp.

Specimen chub caqught from the Ivel

George Horne added to his big eel catch (reported last week) by catching a 13lb mirror carp and a 17lb common carp. Moonscale was reported to have put in yet another appearance when it was caught by a member fishing on the road side. The big mirror weighed around 42lbs and was backed up by another fish weighing 26lbs. Kevin Barrable Caught an 18lb mirror during the week but had earlier caught the fish known as the Long Common weighing 31lbs.

New record set for Gingerbread Lake

Gary Thompson fished a midweek session at Swan Lake where carp have been hard to catch in recent months. A single fish was the result but it turned out to be a scale-perfect 29lb 2oz common carp. Later in the week, Alan Grimsey caught two good-sized carp from the same venue but the weights are not to hand.

Fish feeding well as autumn approaches

Mike Broom has been getting to grips with Gingerbread Lake’s carp over the past few weeks. He caught a long common weighing 27lb 10oz and a 15lb mirror despite hooking and losing two other carp whilst bottom fishing. He changed to floater fishing to take a 23lb 4oz mirror and another smaller fish of !2lbs.

Youngsters get off to a flying start

John Murphy decided to take a break from fishing at Gingerbread Lake to take his two of his grandsons fishing for the first time as they had expressed an interest. He decided to take them to McGregor Lake where he explained to them how he fished for carp and what to do in case of a run. Sure enough, before long he had a screaming run on one of his two rods and one of his grandchildren rushed forward to strike but, unfortunately, forgot to close the bait runner first. The run was missed. Undeterred, the trio fished on and they went on to enjoy a memorable day’s sport catching mirror carp weighing 10lb 8oz, 12lbs, 13lbs and 18lbs.

Pop-ups tempt big tench

Lou Gilhart has been trying an unusual bait at Swan Lake, sea mussels, and was rewarded with the capture of several eels up to 4lbs whilst Robert Livock has continued to enjoy some good sport from carp at the adjacent McGregor Lake. Robert was catching three carp per day up to low doubles and even caught a 3lb 8oz mirror on one occasion.

Catches improve as water temperatures rise

Membership books for the coming season are being printed at the moment but are likely to be in demand. The first stocks of them should be in sales outlets by the end of April. The coming season will be the last year that the ‘Zone’ locks will be in use and all locks and keys will be changed for 2015-16.

Eel and pike on the menu!

A late arrival at Swan Lake meant that Fraser Hayden was still erecting his bivvie in the early hours of the morning when his bite alarm sounded. Earlier, Fraser had put out a small bed of corn, mixed pellets and dead maggots and then fished Dynamite 10mm Peach and Mango boilies on the hook. The fish turned out to be an 11lb 2oz bream that could have easily topped 12lbs if it had been in peak condition. A second run just after dawn produced another big bream, this time an 8lb 5oz specimen.