Autumn Gold!

Crystal clear water at Gingerbread Lake has had a dramatic effect on anglers’ catch rates in recent weeks with the lake’s big carp showing little interest in anglers’ baits which keep being introduced in large amounts. However, in recent weeks, a few of the bigger carp have started their autumnal feeding. Barry Fox fished a day session using only a 10ml boilie as bait together with a handful of freebies. His tactics proved to be successful as he went on to catch a personal best mirror carp weighing 31lb 2oz, a fish easily recognizable by clusters of scales on each of its flanks. Colin Burge also reported catching another 31lb plus mirror carp during a short day session using only a hookbait supplemented with a PVA bag of crushed offerings.

Jared sets a new lake record!

Whilst most anglers persisted with boilies at Gingerbread Lake, Jared Cooper decided to try a change of tactic opting for floaters to try to tempt the carp that were clearly visible in and around the dense weed beds. It was the lake’s largest mirror carp, Cluster, who fell for Jared’s bait and the fish topped the previous lake record by three ounces at an impressive 41lb 7oz.