Who’s been eating all the pies then?

The most sought after fish in BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake for the last few years has been the mirror carp named ‘Cluster’ particularly as it was the only fish in the lake to top the 40lb mark. However, it now has a rival that looks to be well on its way to claiming its throne. Chris Tyrell fished an overnight session at the lake and landed another huge mirror carp weighing 41lb 8oz. The fish was in immaculate condition and has rapidly gained weight as a few years ago it only just tipped the 30lb barrier. It was caught around two years ago weighing 38lb but has since piled on even more weight to join the ‘40’ club. A number of the lake’s other large carp look set to exceed this barrier in the next couple of seasons helped on by the considerable amount of bait being introduced by carp anglers throughout the year. Dave Jones fished a short mid-week session in the factory bay catching a nice common. Most other anglers have found it difficult to get fish to feed despite signs of carp moving from time to time.