News Update: 6th October 2019

Alan Lawrence completed five-day sessions on Swan Lake finally amassing a total of 12 carp, both commons and mirrors, with two topping 30lbs. Andrew Smart is another angler who has found catching the lake’s carp during the daytime no problem catching 9 carp over 26lbs since July with the best weighing 32lb 6oz. Steve Curtin […]

News Update: 21st July 2019

A member day fishing at Swan Lake spotted a carp surfacing in the lake within casting distance of his swim so decided to cast his bait in the vicinity of the rise. His bait was taken within a short time and he connected with a big fish which turned out to be a 30lb 10oz […]

Carp at Swan Lake still Mad for it!!

A three-night session at Swan Lake started slowly for David Grant with no action in the first night. However, the next morning action began with him landing a 31lb 12oz common carp. He went on to catch two more carp during his stay, both mirrors weighing 23lb 12oz and 21lb 4oz. All his fish fell […]

Like peas in a pod!

Luke Hipgrave is the latest member to catch a big carp from McGregor Lake. He caught a super looking mirror weighing 22lbs where more and more 20s are being caught. A member fished luncheon meat in the margins and had a surprise catch in the form of a 2lb 8oz eel.

Gingerbread carp have finally spawned

Ryan ‘Trigger’ Atkins fished at Swan Lake where he went on to catch one of the big JAS common’s weighing 32lb 2oz. Alan Wilkie had a comical experience when he returned to his swim following a reconnoitre to find a young mink peeking at him out of his tackle bag munching one of his ham sandwiches.

Don’t let cheats prosper

Anglers fishing overnight are asked to be aware that an angler suffered an attempted mugging whilst he was fishing at a local lake. Hopefully, this was an isolated incident but it would be sensible if anglers could ensure that, where possible, they fish with other anglers in close proximity.

Specimen crucian caught from Grace Lake

Martin Barnatt decided to try for crucian carp, a species stocked into Grace Lake by the club in recent years. He opted for an early morning session and was rewarded by catching a 2lb 14oz specimen. A few other movements were registered on his float but these were made by small roach, a nice tench which unfortunately was lost and a terrapin, confirming the presence of this reptile in the lake.

Low water temperatures kill sporting action

A consignment of around 50 sizeable king carp are due to be stocked into Gingerbread Lake in the coming weeks to further boost stocks and Grace Lake at Sandy will receive around 300 more large crucian carp.

Summertime ends on a high

Winston Pogmore fished at McGregor Lake on a bright and fairly windless day when nothing seemed to be feeding. He was about to call it a day in the late afternoon when he had a solitary run out of the blue which turned out to be from a pristine 14lb 3oz common carp.

Swan Magic

Meanwhile, at Gingerbread Lake, one of the named fish, Moonscale, was caught weighing 35lbs well down on its top weight no doubt spawned out. John Murphy caught his best fish from the lake so far this year when he banked a 26lb 8oz mirror carp but had to wait well into the afternoon before getting a run. In contrast, Alan Bates had only a short time to weight when fishing in the factory bay before a 19lb 4oz carp picked up his red pop-up boilie. Another angler to enjoy success fishing in the factory bay was Trevor O’Dell who caught a 29lb 14oz carp whilst his fishing companion banked an 18lb 4oz carp from another part of the lake on a later visit.