News Update: 23rd March 2020

BHAA’s still waters have exploded back into life with some super catches during the recent spell of milder weather. At Gingerbread Lake, at least, two carp over 40lbs have been caught together with another two carp exceeding 39lbs in addition to several other large carp. Most of the fish caught were named fished such as […]

News Update: 16th March 2020

Fraser Hayden finished the river season fishing the little-fished stretch called ‘The Jungle’ at Tempsford, once one of the area’s prime match fisheries. He adopted a roving approach using ledgered boilie paste on a size 6 hook. In a short two-hour session he caught four chub weighing from 2lb 5oz and 4lb 13oz and had […]

News Update: 16th February 2020

Fishing a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse, Alan Lawrence set about catching chub using a simple two swan shot running ledger. During the day he amassed a total of seven chub with the largest, a pristine specimen, weighing 6lb 3oz. Fraser Hayden put in an overnight session on McGregor Lake despite a hard […]

News Update: 10th February 2020

Despite the worsening weather conditions, Paul Burton continued his quest for winter carp at McGregor Lake where feeding fish tend to move during the hours of darkness. Last week he added another two nice fish to his tally with mirror carp weighing 14lb 7oz and 16lb 4oz. Karl Franklin has enjoyed some good river fishing […]

News Update: 2nd February 2020

Sport on the lakes has been very slow over the past week although a few good carp were landed at Gingerbread Lake when plenty of anglers were still fishing for them. The water level in the lake has risen by nearly 18 inches restoring it to its normal winter level. Meanwhile, Alan Lawrence turned his […]

News Update: 17th November 2019

A recent report of fish being caught and removed from a stretch of the River Ivel by suspected eastern Europeans has occasioned the Association’s fisheries officer in conjunction with the Environment Agency’s enforcement officers to issue some guidelines on what constitutes illegal fishing and how to report it. Illegal activities include; The use of set/hand […]

News Update: 20th October 2019

The cooler wetter weather over the past week affected sport with few catches reported. However, Paul Tidmarsh was really pleased to catch two perfectly conditioned carp from Gingerbread Lake, both mirrors weighing 11lb 8oz and 33lb 9oz. Bailiff Mick Broom reported that water levels at the lake were very low so it was difficult to […]

News Update: 13th October 2019

The recent work undertaken to remove some of the dense weed beds at Gingerbread Lake seems to have triggered off a feeding response as no few than seven carp weighing over 35lbs each were reportedly caught during the past week let alone others below this level. Bailiff Mick Usher added that these captures still did […]

News Update: 29th September 2019

Colin Hewitt, who was previously reported as catching a 7lb plus tench from Swan Lake, returned to the same swim and repeated the feat by catching another tench weighing 7lb 4oz. His successful tactic was float-fished corn and maggot. Steve Curtin has found a way of consistently catching carp from Swan Lake during the daytime […]

News Update: 15th September 2019

It seems the onset of autumnal weather has got fish into a feeding mood as at Gingerbread Lake there have been multiple catches of carp with almost all the known specimens being caught and some more than once. The relative richness of food in Swan Lake tends to make it a harder proposition with many […]