Big roach on the feed

Anthony Pogmore decided fish at McGregor Lake for carp during the week and on a bright sunny day with little or no wind he managed to catch two mirrors weighing 13lb 12oz and 9lb 8oz. A couple of days later, he returned to the lake despite warnings of heavy thundery rain and found the fish to be feeding avidly. Throughout the day, he had well over one hundred bites and was able to catch six carp despite missing a couple of screaming runs. His fish were mirrors weighing 11lbs, 11lbs (fully-scaled), 9lbs, 12lb 10oz and 5lbs (another fully-scaled) plus an 8lb common carp. All his fish fell to fruit flavoured boilies fished ‘snowman’ style in conjunction with white pop-ups. A fellow angler reported catching an 18lb 8oz mirror from a part of the lake not popular with many carp anglers. Other anglers reported plenty of sport from roach, rudd, skimmers and small carp recently stocked by the club.

Rain mars opening of new fishery

Fraser Hayden was keen to get back on the rivers for the start of the new season and so made his way to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Tempsford. He found the river to be fast flowing due to the recent heavy rains and so decided to fish on fishmeal boilies close to the bank. Fraser had a cracking day’s sport landing 5 good-sized chub, 2 over 3lbs, 2 over 4lbs and a 5lb specimen

Fantastic sport on rivers as season ends while big carp start to feed at Gingerbread

Winston Pogmore returned to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Sandy from where he caught a 5lb plus chub on his previous visit. Sport started more slowly this time and, for a couple of hours, all he could catch was the odd minnow. He kept feeding his swim with breadcrumb and a trickle of maggots and put a bunch of them on to his size 16 hook. He soon landed a 3lb 10oz chub but then hooked into a really powerful fish that he thought was probably a pike. However, when he finally netted the fish it turned out to be a 6lb 15oz chub, his biggest ever chub. His friend Alan Wilkie fished the same stretch of river catching two big chub weighing 5lb 4oz and 5lb 14oz. The latter of the two chub he has caught this season on three separate occasions!

An early xmas present!

Around 240 chub were recently stocked into the lower Ivel at Tempsford by the Environment Agency. These young fish will provide a welcome boost to this section of the river and will be able to swim downstream into the Ouse if they should choose to do so.

Work has begun on the drain down of Grace Lake at Sandy in preparation for the creation of a new fishery which it is planned to open from next June. The residual fish are to be transferred into McGregor Lake and then the lake will be restocked with specimen crucian carp and tench.

Barry lands his third twenty pound pike!

Barry Fox decided to try for pike at a BHAA controlled lake which has received less pressure than some of the others in recent weeks. He mounted a sardine on to a uni-hook rig float-fished about a foot off the bottom. A single take produced yet another huge pike for Barry, this time a 22lb 8oz specimen and his third over the 20lb barrier this season. He fished on until dusk without any further action but, when tackling down, he threw his hook bait into the lake only to see it devoured by yet another big pike. Barry tried a few more casts to see if he could tempt the beast but without further success.

Two lake records smashed in a week!

Big pike have been reported being caught regularly from McGregor Lake and Steve Martin had previously landed a 25lb plus specimen on a recent trip. Steve made a return visit and decided to try some lure fishing to see if he could repeat his success. After a while, Steve had his lure grabbed by another huge pike which when netted tipped his scales at 26lb 8oz setting yet another lake record. Also, during his latest session, Steve observed some good-sized carp and bream rolling on the surface and leaping clear of the water on occasions.

Chub and pike continue to feed after cold spell

More reports of big pike have been received. Stephen Martin recently caught a 24lb 6oz specimen from McGregor Lake where Gary Page has been enjoying some good sport too catching specimens to 16lb. On a recent visit, Gary caught no fewer than six pike to 11lbs using lures. Meanwhile, Barry Fox opted to fish another of BHAA’s still waters to see if he could tempt a fish from a different venue. Barry mounted a small sardine on to a barbless Unirig and had a pick-up which he missed. However, the bait was soon taken again and Barry found himself playing another really big pike. The fish was landed and weighed and turned out to be a 23lb 4oz specimen giving the angler two 20s from different waters this season.

Alan gets the New Year off to a great start!

He adopted for a mobile approach fishing each likely swim for a few hours before moving on to try another. Bread flake was Alan’s chosen bait fished in conjunction with the odd ball of liquidized bread designed to attract any feeding fish. His tactics paid dividends as Alan went on to catch three good-sized chub weighing 4lb 1oz, 4lb 7oz and 4lb 11oz.

Xmas presents to and from the Ivel!

Paul Elt braved near arctic conditions to fish but was rewarded with a number of cracking chub. During the day, Paul trotted maggots though his swim landing five chub to 5lb 4oz. As light started to fade, he opted for a change of tactics by switching to a maggot feeder and, within a few minutes, hooked and lost a good fish. He recast quickly and soon afterwards had another confident take. He struck and was soon playing his best-ever Ivel chub, a 6lb specimen.

A triple success!

With the lakes all frozen solid, the only fishing that was readily available was on the rivers but even there the plunging temperatures had taken their toll. One of the few anglers to venture out was Alan Wilkie who fished near to BHAA’s Sandy Lakes complex on the River Ivel. Alan employed similar tactics to those reported last week that enabled Fraser Hayden to catch an Ouse chub.