Lack of rain continues to affect sport

Anglers fishing BHAA’s river stretches have found it hard going with little or no flow and clear water to contend with. Many of the fish continue to hold up near weed beds or close to snags for much of the day only venturing out as light fades. Neil Sampson has continued in his quest for a big Ivel chub though targeting one of the club’s stretches of the River Ivel near Sandy. Neil has landed the second 5lb plus chub of his campaign, a 5lb 8oz specimen that is sure to top 6lbs by the end of the season.

Pike fishing has been in full swing at Gingerbread Lake although no monsters have yet been reported. Alex Smalley fished with a ledgered smelt to take a nice 11lb 11oz specimen. John Lincoln tried his luck in the deep water catching two pike weighing 11lbs and 5lbs. The odd carp keeps getting caught but the successful anglers spend a lot of their time trying to locate where the fish are holding up and occasionally feeding. Steve Bull has been particularly successful in recent weeks landing several big carp, his latest being a 30lb specimen caught during an overnight session.