Fantastic haul from Gingerbread Lake

The change to milder weather helped to make it a red-letter day for Russell Bonnett when he fished a day session at Gingerbread Lake. During his session, he banked three big carp two of which tipped 40lbs. They were the mirrors called the Clone weighing 40lb 12oz and Moonscale at 40lb 15oz. In addition, he caught another super looking mirror weighing 29lb 2oz. Another angler to catch was Nick (the Greek) Page who landed a mirror weighing in the low 20s.

Carp still active but reluctant to feed

The ground at both Eaton Socon and Sandy Lakes has become very soft following heavy rain so members visiting these venues are asked not to drive off road but to keep their vehicles on the hard tracks. Otherwise they risk their vehicles becoming stuck as well as creating deep ruts that only ruin parking areas and grass tracks for others.

Cluster puts in an appearance

Winston Pogmore float-fished with cockles but had only managed to catch a small bream but, as he decided to pack up, his float dipped under and he ended up catching a nice 5lb 14oz tench. Another member pole-fished with sweet corn as bait catching plenty of roach and rudd throughout the day. Richard Holden has joined our bailiffing team and will be carrying out spot checks around the lake from time to time.

Grace Lake to open for fishing on 30th July

Conor Young fished overnight at Swan Lake where he was able to up his personal best carp by catching an 18lb 8oz mirror. He caught and landed the fish just before dawn after earlier catching a 9lb bream. Members will find vehicular access to the swims has been greatly improved as the track and carp parking areas have been resurfaced. A few tench have been spotted in the lake which were not stocked by the Association. If anyone catches one, please inform Anthony Pogmore, Membership Secretary, as we would like to know their sizes.

Tench and bream are feeding at Gingerbread Lake

A new member, John Harvey, went with his son, Bay, to McGregor Lake. In two short evening sessions, the two anglers caught 4 carp to 13lbs. John reckons his son is now hooked on fishing and they are looking forward to many more trips in the future. Other anglers continue to pick up the odd carp or bream but the generally bright conditions throughout much of the day have put fish off feeding for much of the time.

New members off to flyers!

Mick Usher fished overnight in a weedy part of the lake to take two 20lb plus mirrors and Scott Parkin also caught a 20lb mirror and a super 29lb common carp margin fishing. John Murphy opted for the less weedy factory bay where he enjoyed plenty of action from bream catching five fish during the daytime but his day was made when he landed a whopping 8lb tench.

Rain mars opening of new fishery

Fraser Hayden was keen to get back on the rivers for the start of the new season and so made his way to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Tempsford. He found the river to be fast flowing due to the recent heavy rains and so decided to fish on fishmeal boilies close to the bank. Fraser had a cracking day’s sport landing 5 good-sized chub, 2 over 3lbs, 2 over 4lbs and a 5lb specimen

Hot spell does the trick!

Carp have been spawning at Swan Lake too but not before Pete Housden was able to catch one of the lake’s larger residents, a 27lb common carp thought to be one stocked prior to the club going the fishing rights. Marc Snow caught a 24lb mirror carp from the same venue too. Mick Day returned to the lake to try to catch some more pike and he was successful in catching four fish, the best a 19lb specimen. Mick was using humble sprats as bait.

Awful weather continues to affect sport!

Steve Andrews made the long journey from his Hampshire home to fish at Gingerbread Lake only to find the rain bucketing down but nonetheless he decided to fish if only to avoid a wasted journey. His first day brought him three fish, a 5lb 2oz male tench, a nother weighing 4lb 8oz and a small carp around 8lbs.

Huge river pike caught

Alan Lawrence spends much of his fishing time in pursuit of specimen fish in the River Ouse from where he has caught barbel well into double-figures and carp over 30lbs in recent years. However, Alan decided to fish for pike on a BHAA controlled stretch of the river using float-fished lamprey as bait. Trotting his bait alongside an old reed bed, Alan landed pike weighing 14lb 7oz and three others around the 7lb mark but capped his day with a huge 26lb 5oz specimen. This is the largest pike reported from a club stretch of the Ouse although a 27lb specimen from the Ivel remains the club’s river caught record