Fish feeding well as autumn approaches

Mike Broom has been getting to grips with Gingerbread Lake’s carp over the past few weeks. He caught a long common weighing 27lb 10oz and a 15lb mirror despite hooking and losing two other carp whilst bottom fishing. He changed to floater fishing to take a 23lb 4oz mirror and another smaller fish of !2lbs.

Last of the Summer wine?

Anglers fishing at McGregor Lake have found carp to be feeding during the daytime with fish often jumping out over much of the lake. Kevin Webb decided to try Denham Baits’ ‘The Element’ boilies and, within 15 minutes, he netted a nice 10lb mirror before the fish stopped feeding. Winston Pogmore went to the less popular shallow end of the lake where he caught a 12lb 2oz mirror using Richworth’s ‘Tuity Fruity’ boilies and was unlucky to lose another good fish en route to the net.

Ollie gets some festive joy!

While many anglers have not even dared to venture out in the recent cold weather, 13 year-old Ollie Jenkinson got off to a flying start to his winter campaign. Ollie decided to target pike on one of BHAA’s lakes using a float-fished joey mackerel as bait. His reward was a cracking 18lb 8oz pike. Apart from the odd jack pike, there have been little or no reports of any worthwhile catches during the latest cold spell.

Chris feeds the birds to get to big carp!

Floater king Chris Tysoe was confronted with an array of birdlife that barred his way to getting amongst the carp at Gingerbread Lake. He ended up patiently feeding five swans, numerous mallards and gulls with around 6 kilos of floaters before he had an opportunity to cast out his own floating bait. However, his perseverence was rewarded when a big carp took his bait on his first cast. The fish turned out to be a 32lb 8oz heavily scaled mirror carp. Chris Tyrell fished overnight but had to wait until the next morning before getting a run on his ledgered boilie. The wait was more than worthwhile though as Chris went on to catch a 28lb 12oz common carp. Barry Richardson’s first season at the lake has seen him catch several big tench and bream but the lake’s carp had so far eluded him. The wait was over when his margin fished boilie was picked up by a whopping 34lb mirror carp. Barry said the fish was a personal best for him. There was plenty of sport to be had float-fishing with anglers catching some nice rudd to just under 1lb on sweetcorn whilst roach were feeding aggressively on bread flake.