Who’s been eating all the pies then?

The most sought after fish in BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake for the last few years has been the mirror carp named ‘Cluster’ particularly as it was the only fish in the lake to top the 40lb mark. However, it now has a rival that looks to be well on its way to claiming its throne. Chris Tyrell fished an overnight session at the lake and landed another huge mirror carp weighing 41lb 8oz. The fish was in immaculate condition and has rapidly gained weight as a few years ago it only just tipped the 30lb barrier. It was caught around two years ago weighing 38lb but has since piled on even more weight to join the ‘40’ club. A number of the lake’s other large carp look set to exceed this barrier in the next couple of seasons helped on by the considerable amount of bait being introduced by carp anglers throughout the year. Dave Jones fished a short mid-week session in the factory bay catching a nice common. Most other anglers have found it difficult to get fish to feed despite signs of carp moving from time to time.

Second Open Day at McGregor Lake exceeds all expectations

Around 50 participants enjoyed themselves at BHAA’s second Open Day held at McGregor Lake with everyone who fished catching, at least, one fish. Fish caught were mainly roach, rudd and skimmers but the odd small carp and perch were also landed. Those who attended were a mixture of novice anglers and persons who had returned to the sport after gaps of many years. All tackle and bait was provided free of charge by the Club and there were both hot and cold drinks available throughout the day together with a variety of snack foods whenever the anglers fancied a break.

Gingerbread carp starting to feed

After a relatively long period of inactivity Gingerbread Lake’s big carp are finally starting to get their head’s down. Lake regular Colin Burge reported catching a 30lb 4oz specimen on a single tiger nut cast close to the margins in the factory bay. Bailiff Derek Munro was aware that two other big carp weighing 28lbs and 32lbs had been caught the previous week but was finding bream to be the only species picking up his baits. Derek’s luck was about to change though when a 34lb mirror carp decided to feed in the afternoon with the lake packed with bank holiday weekend anglers. Most of the remaining carp caught were either doubles or singles. John Murphy keeps catching the odd big tench whilst carp fishing and a 7lb 12oz specimen added to his list of recent catches.

Damon finds the big carp!

Damon has found several of the lakes big carp holding up in the area and has gone on to catch the mirror nicknamed ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing an impressive 36lb 6oz, a linear mirror weighing 31lbs, a heavily-scaled 26lb mirror and a 25lb 2oz common carp. Colin Burge moved back into one of his old favourite swims in the factory bay and had a hectic session catching 5 tench to 7lb 4oz and a good-sized bream.

New fish for both Gingerbread and McGregor Lakes

A total of fourteen carp up to 10lbs were introduced into Gingerbread Lake by AJS Fisheries. The fish were mainly heavily scaled mirrors and high backed commons. This means that the lake has received over 60 new carp recently with the biggest topping 27lbs. There were reports of bream, tench and the odd carp being caught throughout the week with John Murphy enjoying a catch of six good-sized tench and a 13lb 8oz mirror.

It has been a different story at Swan Lake where a number of great catches have been reported. Jim Stratford was one of the first anglers to benefit from the upsurge in action when he had three runs and landed two carp, a 21lb 8oz common and a 19lb 2oz mirror. Paul Clarke fished overnight to take a five fish haul with carp up to 17lbs. Mark Bailey had four doubles but did not weigh any of his fish. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore got in on the action too when he caught a personal best common from the lake, a 22lb 4oz specimen. Anthony’s fish picked up a Robin Red boily tipped with a sliver of artificial corn. Father and son duo Martin and Callum Sharp each caught a big carp from the lake. Martin’s was an 18lb specimen but Callum took the honours with a 23lb mirror. Thomas Pashley reported catching a couple of double-figured mirrors using zig rigs when he spotted loads of fish cruising near to the surface. Fraser Hayden resumed his quest for big bream but had to be content with a 9lb 9oz specimen.

Big tench finally wake up!

The abnormally mild weather has at last triggered the big tench at Gingerbread Lake into feeding in earnest. The best specimen so far reported fell to Paul Elt weighing 9lb 11oz and was a new personal best for the specimen hunter. Paul baited his swim lightly and, after catching a few nice rudd, he went on to land the big tench at first light. Paul used a pva bag of crumbled boilies and a whittled down pop-up to tempt the fish. By the way, it was Paul who was the angler who had previously caught a 38lb mirror whilst fishing in two-bar bay. He spotted the fish roll and cast a single hook bait into the area which was enough to entice the big fish. Alan Wilkie has started his started his tench fishing campaign and already has chalked up some cracking fish with specimens weighing 8lb 10oz, 8lb 4oz, 8lb 3oz and 7lb 6oz using a small feeder rig and maggots as hook baits. Alan caught his fish throughout the day. Kevin Barrable caught his first carp of the year when he spotted some feeder bubbles in his swim. He cast a boilie to the spot and was soon into a 29lb 2oz mirror carp, a long lean fish. Paul Webb has found plenty of bream feeding in the evenings on halibut pellets fishing over a liberal helping of freebies. Quality rudd continue to be caught by anglers from a number of swims too.

Two lake records smashed in a week!

Big pike have been reported being caught regularly from McGregor Lake and Steve Martin had previously landed a 25lb plus specimen on a recent trip. Steve made a return visit and decided to try some lure fishing to see if he could repeat his success. After a while, Steve had his lure grabbed by another huge pike which when netted tipped his scales at 26lb 8oz setting yet another lake record. Also, during his latest session, Steve observed some good-sized carp and bream rolling on the surface and leaping clear of the water on occasions.

More barbel for the Ivel

The Environment Agency has recently stocked more juvenile barbel into several stretches of the River Ivel as part of its programme to establish the species in the river. A consignment of around 200 fish were released into Sawmills Pool which means than nearly 1000 fish have been stocked into this stretch of the lower Ivel in recent years.

Big carp still active at Gingerbread!

The recent return to milder weather has kept carp active at Gingerbread Lake where fish can be observed on most days leaping on the windward side. Gary Exton had a red letter session recently by landing no fewer than three big carp as well as losing another two good fish. Gary’s fish were reported to weigh 19lbs, 21lbs and 26lbs.

Dale catches another stunner!

Dale Walters carried on his recent success at Gingerbread Lake whilst fishing overnight during the recent spell of cold weather. His reward was a stunning 35lb 7oz mirror carp which was also a new personal best for him. By the end of the cold spell, the carp seemed to have stopped feeding but a few fish have been observed leaping out after the return of milder weather. However, there has been plenty of action from small pike and perch as more predator anglers begin to target the lake.