Alan does battle with big Ivel chub

Crystal clear water and heavy weed growth made a formidable challenge for Alan Wilkie when he decided to fish an evening session a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel. Alan used a cube of luncheon meat as bait fished together with a single swan shot ledger. His tactics proved to be successful when he struck into a confident bite. After a tussle, Alan was able to get the fish to the net. It turned out to be an immaculate 6lb 4oz chub. He said that the fish was hollow and could well go over 7lbs later in the season.

After his success with bream at Swan Lake, Steve Davis opted for a change of venue and decided to give the little-fished Links Pool a try. He soon spotted a very large carp that readily accepted floaters but was reluctant to leave the protection of a dense lily bed. He opted for a change of swim when he found he had set up close to a wasps’ nest. After fishing for sometime on boilies without any action, Steve decided a change of bait was called for and cast out a trusted lobworm tipped with a small piece of artificial corn. The bit was soon picked up by a hard-fighting 8lb 7oz tench. He said that the fish was still full of spawn which may account for the lack of feeding fish that has been evident in recent weeks.

Spectacular bream catch from Swan Lake

Attention to detail was the secret of success for Steve Davis when he set out to catch some of the big bream that inhabit Swan Lake. He found an area of silt behind a gravel bar and put out a small bed of groundbait and swim fed over the top of it with a variety of different types of worms. Steve went on to catch no fewer than eleven of the lake’s big bream and a 24lb 7oz mirror carp too. Two of his bream topped the 14lb mark, the best weighing 14lb 4oz whilst several others were well into double figures. Steve reckoned the big bream had only recently spawned and would have easily topped 15lb in peak condition.. He urges anyone who catches one of these magnificent fish to return them to the water as soon as possible to avoid harming them whilst they are in a fragile state. Several other anglers landed the odd double-figured carp but found them generally unwilling to pick up boilies.

Changeable weather conditions play havoc with sport

A mixture of rain and shine seemed to have stopped the recent spawning frenzy and left the fish in a lethargic mood with many anglers not able to but a bite. Also, there have been surprisingly few anglers fishing the lakes at the start of the new season compared to previous years.

A second 30lb carp was caught recently at Swan Lake and was confirmed to be a different one to the lake record. The latest fish weighed 30lb 2oz and serves to demonstrate how well the fish are growing in this smallish lake. Another member enjoyed a mixed bag of double-figured carp, bream and a pike during a recent session.

Big tench finally wake up!

The abnormally mild weather has at last triggered the big tench at Gingerbread Lake into feeding in earnest. The best specimen so far reported fell to Paul Elt weighing 9lb 11oz and was a new personal best for the specimen hunter. Paul baited his swim lightly and, after catching a few nice rudd, he went on to land the big tench at first light. Paul used a pva bag of crumbled boilies and a whittled down pop-up to tempt the fish. By the way, it was Paul who was the angler who had previously caught a 38lb mirror whilst fishing in two-bar bay. He spotted the fish roll and cast a single hook bait into the area which was enough to entice the big fish. Alan Wilkie has started his started his tench fishing campaign and already has chalked up some cracking fish with specimens weighing 8lb 10oz, 8lb 4oz, 8lb 3oz and 7lb 6oz using a small feeder rig and maggots as hook baits. Alan caught his fish throughout the day. Kevin Barrable caught his first carp of the year when he spotted some feeder bubbles in his swim. He cast a boilie to the spot and was soon into a 29lb 2oz mirror carp, a long lean fish. Paul Webb has found plenty of bream feeding in the evenings on halibut pellets fishing over a liberal helping of freebies. Quality rudd continue to be caught by anglers from a number of swims too.

Three 30s caught at Gingerbread Lake

The recent stocking of some new carp into Gingerbread Lake seems to have enlivened the water as plenty of carp have been caught from all around the lake. A tench angler was fishing in ‘two-bar’ bay when he saw a big fish top in an area difficult to cast two. Nevertheless, he managed to cast a boily into the area where the fish had surfaced and, before long, he had a run. The fish was landed and turned out to be a 38lb near leather mirror carp, one of the lake’s biggest residents. Steve Bull has continued his run of big carp with his latest capture, a 31lb common carp known as the ‘long common’ which he caught on corn over a bed of freebies. Steve also caught a 13lb mirror carp on a surface fished bait. Michael Cooney fished in the factory bay and was confident of catching as there were signs of carp activity around his swim. Michael went on to catch an immaculate 30lb linear mirror carp and was unlucky to lose another good fish. Dale Walters fished the ‘dugout’ swim and enjoyed plenty of action landing 5 carp to just over 20lbs plus a couple of big bream. Paul Webb always comes up with something out of the ordinary and this week it was a 4lb 4oz eel that took his lobworm bait in the bridge bay. Tench angler Matthew Jellis was well pleased to land two big tench, one weighing just under 8lbs and the other closer to 9lbs as well as a 10lb common carp that tested his tackle. Anthony Pogmore also caught a good-sized tench around 7lbs using a method feeder and plastic corn. Overall, it was a bit of a strange week though with some days carp being seen cruising the surface and on other days not a sign of a fish anywhere.

Like father like son!

All round angler Alan Wilkie has been targeting big perch in the rivers at the end of the end of the season. Alan could not have gotten away to a better start fishing on the River Ivel for his bait was taken within seconds of making his first cast. The fish turned out to be a 3lb 2oz perch. On his third cast, his bait was again taken within 5 minutes of casting out and this resulted in an even bigger specimen, this time a 4lb 3oz perch. A return visit to the river two days later saw him catch the same 3lb 2oz perch again and from the same swim! A change of venue to the River Ouse at Tempsford produced yet another big perch for Alan, a 2lb 14oz specimen.

Barry lands his third twenty pound pike!

Barry Fox decided to try for pike at a BHAA controlled lake which has received less pressure than some of the others in recent weeks. He mounted a sardine on to a uni-hook rig float-fished about a foot off the bottom. A single take produced yet another huge pike for Barry, this time a 22lb 8oz specimen and his third over the 20lb barrier this season. He fished on until dusk without any further action but, when tackling down, he threw his hook bait into the lake only to see it devoured by yet another big pike. Barry tried a few more casts to see if he could tempt the beast but without further success.

Two lake records smashed in a week!

Big pike have been reported being caught regularly from McGregor Lake and Steve Martin had previously landed a 25lb plus specimen on a recent trip. Steve made a return visit and decided to try some lure fishing to see if he could repeat his success. After a while, Steve had his lure grabbed by another huge pike which when netted tipped his scales at 26lb 8oz setting yet another lake record. Also, during his latest session, Steve observed some good-sized carp and bream rolling on the surface and leaping clear of the water on occasions.

Esox bites back!

Phil Robertson had a day’s pike fishing with his son-in-law at New Road Lake and was well pleased to catch a 15 pounder during his visit. The fish took a float-fished sardine. However, the fish had the last laugh when it gave Phil a nasty bite on his finger to remind him of his capture!

More barbel for the Ivel

The Environment Agency has recently stocked more juvenile barbel into several stretches of the River Ivel as part of its programme to establish the species in the river. A consignment of around 200 fish were released into Sawmills Pool which means than nearly 1000 fish have been stocked into this stretch of the lower Ivel in recent years.