News Update: 15th December 2019

Fraser Hayden visited another BHAA controlled stretch of the Upper Ouse above Bedford in search of big perch that were known to be present. He used a block end feeder filled with maggots and chopped worm with lobworms on a size 8 hook. Only one bite registered on his rod top during a brief four-hour […]

Milder weather sees sport take off big time

Carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake was in full flow with big fish ace Nick ‘the Greek’ Page banking 4 carp during a daytime session including ‘Moonscale’ weighing in at 40lb 4oz. Nick fished into the face of a bitterly cold north-west wind and picked up all his fish relatively close to the margins. He returned the following day to fish at the opposite end of the lake only to catch another ‘whacker’, a 31lb mirror. Denham Baits owner Paul Rudd proved just how good his baits were by taking 6 carp in a session, the best being a 26lb common carp. Several other anglers also caught the odd carp from different parts of the lake with most fish coming during daylight hours. Eoghann Thomson fished overnight in the factory bay catching around 10 big bream and a couple of carp with fish coming regularly throughout his session.

Fish feeding well as autumn approaches

Mike Broom has been getting to grips with Gingerbread Lake’s carp over the past few weeks. He caught a long common weighing 27lb 10oz and a 15lb mirror despite hooking and losing two other carp whilst bottom fishing. He changed to floater fishing to take a 23lb 4oz mirror and another smaller fish of !2lbs.

July goes out with a bang!

Paul Allum and his son are continuing to enjoy their fishing trips to the River Ouse at Tempsford. This week he reported catching two good-sized eels, the best weighing 3lb 1oz whilst his son, Paul Allum jnr. banked a number of perch to nearly two pounds.

Hot weather keeps anglers away but fish still feeding

The Allum family returned to the Ouse at Tempsford for another day’s fishing. This time it was Paul Allum (jnr) and his grandfather Dave. The pair enjoyed a cracking day’s sport catching around 20 fish including perch, chub and a 2lb eel.

Huge haul from McGegor Lake

BHAA members will be pleased to learn that the stockings of fish reported last week have already taken place with crucian carp and tench going into Grace Lake and young barbel being stocked into the River Ivel at Tempsford by the Environment Agency

Big pike is feeling a little blue!

Gary Page visited the Sandy Lakes complex for a bit of pike fishing on yet another very cold day. He float-fished a bluey deadbait which was eventually taken by a super conditioned 25lb 7oz pike. Robert Livock carp fished at McGregor Lake catching two almost identical mirror carp each weighing around 9lbs. Robert was using small boilies as bait ledgered towards one of the islands. Mick Baldwin was fishing a nearby swim ledgering maggots and caught a number of bream throughout the day.

Gingerbread carp send pulses racing!

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Fantastic sport on rivers as season ends while big carp start to feed at Gingerbread

Winston Pogmore returned to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Sandy from where he caught a 5lb plus chub on his previous visit. Sport started more slowly this time and, for a couple of hours, all he could catch was the odd minnow. He kept feeding his swim with breadcrumb and a trickle of maggots and put a bunch of them on to his size 16 hook. He soon landed a 3lb 10oz chub but then hooked into a really powerful fish that he thought was probably a pike. However, when he finally netted the fish it turned out to be a 6lb 15oz chub, his biggest ever chub. His friend Alan Wilkie fished the same stretch of river catching two big chub weighing 5lb 4oz and 5lb 14oz. The latter of the two chub he has caught this season on three separate occasions!

New lake record set in winter cold

Whilst almost every carp angler has long hung up his rods for the year, Little Paxton anglers Scott Parkin has continued to put the time in at BHAA’s big fish venue Gingerbread Lake setting a new lake record along the way. In the weeks preceding the recent freeze, Scott caught three big carp including the awesome ‘Cluster’ weighing in at a new all time high of 43lb 7oz. Also, he caught another huge mirror, a 38lb 14oz specimen and a superbly-conditioned 19lb common carp.