News Update: 16th February 2020

Fishing a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse, Alan Lawrence set about catching chub using a simple two swan shot running ledger. During the day he amassed a total of seven chub with the largest, a pristine specimen, weighing 6lb 3oz. Fraser Hayden put in an overnight session on McGregor Lake despite a hard […]

News Update: 15th December 2019

Fraser Hayden visited another BHAA controlled stretch of the Upper Ouse above Bedford in search of big perch that were known to be present. He used a block end feeder filled with maggots and chopped worm with lobworms on a size 8 hook. Only one bite registered on his rod top during a brief four-hour […]

News Update: 8th December 2019

The slightly milder weather encouraged Fraser Hayden to visit one of the club’s stretches of the River Ouse selecting a swim where the flow varied with slow and faster glides. He fed his swim with the occasional handful of mashed up bread to try to entice fish to feed whilst fishing with bread flake on […]

News Update: 24th December 2018

Membership Secretary and Chairman Neil Sampson has been targeting the club’s stretches of the River Ouse and has reported catching several large chub. His best so far has been a 5lb 9oz specimen.

Hope for the future!

However, neil Sampson decided to try for chub on the River Ouse at Tempsford where specimens to nearly 7lbs have been caught

Records continue to tumble

After last week’s record breaker from McGregor Lake, it was Swan Lake’s turn to grab the headlines. Lake regular Roy Keeble caught two big mirror carp with the fish weighing 35lb 11oz and 24lb 1oz. The larger of the two is probably a new lake record.

Big chub to be found at Tempsford

Anglers fishing at Gingerbread Lake have continued to produce some good results during the week with Kevin Barrable being the latest member to catch the Lookalike mirror weighing over 40lbs. Steve Curtin fished a single night catching three low double-figured mirrors plus several tench and bream. Another member banked, at least, two 20Lb plus carp fishing overnight too. Nick Baldwin had struggled to catch any of the lake’s big tench so decided on a change of tack so opted for some lure fishing. He caught a number of small jacks but then connected with a cracking 18lb 6oz pike.

It was worth the walk!

Gingerbread Lake’s new forty put in a quick second appearance when it was caught weighing 41lbs by a club member. Pike were feeding ravenously when Winston Pogmore ventured out for short session. He caught four single-figured pike in quick succession but had to call it a day when his stock of dead baits ran out. All his fish fell to ledgered roach dead baits.

Specimen chub caqught from the Ivel

George Horne added to his big eel catch (reported last week) by catching a 13lb mirror carp and a 17lb common carp. Moonscale was reported to have put in yet another appearance when it was caught by a member fishing on the road side. The big mirror weighed around 42lbs and was backed up by another fish weighing 26lbs. Kevin Barrable Caught an 18lb mirror during the week but had earlier caught the fish known as the Long Common weighing 31lbs.

Lure traps big Ouse perch

Alan Wilkie caught a pristine 13lb common whilst day fishing at Swan Lake. He said that he caught the fish only inches away from the margins rather than trying to tempt one from frequently fished hotspots located at range.