News Update: 6th January 2019

Karl Franklin was back on the River Ivel after roach. He float-fished to catch a handful of roach in the 6-8oz range. Later, he tried for chub but could not attract any fish to feed.

Christmas Cheer!

Michael Broom fished some short sessions on a stretch of the River Ivel catching plenty of roach up to the 1lb mark and perch to 1lb 8oz. He and his friend Gordon West fished a day at McGregor Lake too each catching a double figured mirror carp. He added that both fish were caught fishing very close to the margins.

Fantastic catches from our fisheries including a brace of 40s

Swan Lake has been fishing exceptionally well during the daytime too with several big fish being caught. Callum Sharp caught a 19lb common and Chris Hopkins landed a 25lb mirror. Richard Fosker caught a heavily scaled 24lb 8oz mirror in bright sunshine as well.

Hot weather playing havoc with daytime sport

Mick Day returned for another day at McGregor Lake where he again opted to fish a swim often passed over by fellow anglers. Casting along the margins either side of his swim brought him more success in the form of two nice mirror carp weighing 16lb 4oz and 12lb 8oz plus a good-sized bream. Barry Arnold almost mimicked his catch when he caught another 16lb 4oz mirror and an 11 pounder too. Roy Keeble has had a break from carp fishing in the daytime to target other species in the lake. Waggler fishing with sweetcorn as bait produced a steady stream of beautifully conditioned roach and bream for him throughout the day plus a bonus 8lb 10oz mirror carp for good measure.

Maggots continue to produce results

Over the winter months, Mike Broom left his carp rods at home to concentrate on fishing the River Ivel. He has fished on several stretches of the river controlled by BHAA targeting chub and perch. Mike has caught plenty of chub to 5lb 7oz long trotting with maggots and seven perch, four of which topped 2lbs with the best weighing 2lb 15oz. The perch all fell to red maggots drop shotting.

Sport starts to slow as temperatures drift downwards

Robert Livock spent a day fishing at McGregor Lake where he caught mirror carp weighing 12lb 8oz and 11lbs plus a late season 6lb 8oz tench. He said that another angler fishing close by also bagged a couple of fish. He returned to the lake a couple of days later to catch another 1llb mirror plus a 3lb common, his smallest ever carp from the lake.

Summertime ends on a high

Winston Pogmore fished at McGregor Lake on a bright and fairly windless day when nothing seemed to be feeding. He was about to call it a day in the late afternoon when he had a solitary run out of the blue which turned out to be from a pristine 14lb 3oz common carp.

Open Day, a success story

Neil Sampson, the club’s chairman, reported catching a 21lb mirror carp from Swan Lake during an overnight session and another small tench again raising suspicions that someone has been moving fish without the club’s permission or EA consent. Swan Lake has produced, at least, three different 30lb plus carp so far this season showing that it well on its way to becoming another big fish water.

July goes out with a bang!

Paul Allum and his son are continuing to enjoy their fishing trips to the River Ouse at Tempsford. This week he reported catching two good-sized eels, the best weighing 3lb 1oz whilst his son, Paul Allum jnr. banked a number of perch to nearly two pounds.

Hot weather keeps carp spawning

Complaints have been received of some irresponsible anglers leaving their dog mess in swims. Please ensure that all such mess is cleared from both swims and pathways as otherwise they may risk dogs being banned in the future. Also, dogs should not be allowed to disturb other anglers by being allowed to roam away from their owners.