News Update: 26th January 2020

Fraser Hayden continued his fishing exploits on the River Ivel when he decided to fish a stretch at Sandy for a short evening session. He moved from swim to swim in search of fish using small cubes of luncheon meat as bait and went on to catch four chub weighing up to 4lb 4oz. He […]

The magic continues

Mark Sinclair visited Grace Lake where he went on to catch a 5lb 4oz tench using a maggot feeder. This intimate lake has been well stocked with both crucian carp and tench and offers a welcome change from the other more heavily fished venues.

Grace Lake receives a boost

Mick Broom finished his day at McGregor Lake with no fewer than six carp as runs kept coming throughout the day. He returned a couple of days later and soon caught another two carp but then the fish just stopped feeding and the bites dried up. Mick Baldwin managed to catch three bream to over 3lbs fishing with a bitter northerly wind blowing over his shoulder. Mick said that all his bites were very delicate and could easily have been missed. Robert Livock fished throughout the day on mini boilies without any action but a single run late in the afternoon brought him a nice mirror carp of about 9lbs.

Whose been munching all those boilies?

There has been plenty of action from carp at McGregor Lake with the fish being particularly active at night and anglers enjoying multiple catches. However, anglers fishing short day sessions were also catching the odd carp or two usually before the sun gets two high or when it starts to set in the late afternoons.

Grandad realizes a dream!

Inspired by recent catches made by his grandson Conor, Angus ‘Jock’ Young decided to take up angling again after a gap of many years so that he could accompany him on his fishing trips. Jock had never caught a carp and it was not long before Conor was able to catch a small mirror weighing 7lb 10oz whilst the pair were fishing at McGregor Lake. Shortly afterwards, Jock hooked but lost a good-sized carp within yards of netting it which left him feeling distraught. However, Jock was determined to break his duck and returned to the lake and soon landed a couple of bream around the 4lb mark. A screaming run followed and Jock found himself connected to another carp which this time he was able to land. It turned out to be a 9lb 14oz mirror, his first ever carp at the age of 74!

Special Feature – Open Day at McGregor Lake

BHAA Ltd held its first Open Day at McGregor Lake in Sandy and it turned out to be a great day with 30 youngsters taking part accompanied by some mums and dads. There were three qualified coaches on hand to help the youngsters as well as board members to give advice. Everyone who took part caught fish with roach and skimmers feeding well throughout the day. Some larger carp were caught too with Conor Young landing a whopper weighing 12lb 12oz and two more around the 10lb mark.

Damon finds the big carp!

Damon has found several of the lakes big carp holding up in the area and has gone on to catch the mirror nicknamed ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing an impressive 36lb 6oz, a linear mirror weighing 31lbs, a heavily-scaled 26lb mirror and a 25lb 2oz common carp. Colin Burge moved back into one of his old favourite swims in the factory bay and had a hectic session catching 5 tench to 7lb 4oz and a good-sized bream.

Big pike is still pinching fish!

A crafty pike at Gingerbread Lake has found an easy way of supplementing his diet by grabbing fish off anglers’ lines as they wind in. Winston Pogmore was the latest victim to fall foul of the marauding pike estimated to weigh around 20lbs. He decided to try to catch it using a small lure but after catching eleven perch he decided to call it a day. On a previous visit, he caught one of the new carp stocked into the lake, a small heavily-scaled mirror that put up a tremendous scrap. Tench, bream and the odd carp have been caught by anglers with many fish now releasing feeder bubbles as they forage on the bottom. Anthony Pearson has managed to pick up a carp on each of his last three visits and his latest catch was a 31lb common carp. Harold Hunt had a fairly hectic session catching a couple of good-sized bream, losing a carp and then catching a huge 9lb tench. All of Harold’s fish fell to boilies.

Alan does battle with big Ivel chub

Crystal clear water and heavy weed growth made a formidable challenge for Alan Wilkie when he decided to fish an evening session a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel. Alan used a cube of luncheon meat as bait fished together with a single swan shot ledger. His tactics proved to be successful when he struck into a confident bite. After a tussle, Alan was able to get the fish to the net. It turned out to be an immaculate 6lb 4oz chub. He said that the fish was hollow and could well go over 7lbs later in the season.

After his success with bream at Swan Lake, Steve Davis opted for a change of venue and decided to give the little-fished Links Pool a try. He soon spotted a very large carp that readily accepted floaters but was reluctant to leave the protection of a dense lily bed. He opted for a change of swim when he found he had set up close to a wasps’ nest. After fishing for sometime on boilies without any action, Steve decided a change of bait was called for and cast out a trusted lobworm tipped with a small piece of artificial corn. The bit was soon picked up by a hard-fighting 8lb 7oz tench. He said that the fish was still full of spawn which may account for the lack of feeding fish that has been evident in recent weeks.

Everythings new this week!

At a recent meeting with the owner of the Sandy Lakes fishery, it was decided to change the name of New Road Lake back to its original name of Swan Lake and already a new lake record has been set. Chris Harwood was using a Masterbaits1 ROC boilie when he hooked and landed a 32lb linear mirror carp. Chris had earlier suffered losing two other big fish that managed to break free. It was Chris’s second 30 from the lake and a new personal best. A few night permits are still available for the two Sandy Lakes and Links Pool for the coming season.