New swims produce the goods!

Three new swims were recently built in the channel area at Gingerbread Lake by an official working party and have proven to be an instant hit with anglers. Fireman Mark Horspool opted to fish one of them from where he caught three carp including ‘Cluster’ weighing 39lbs 7oz. His other fish weighed 25lbs and 18lbs. Clint and Dale Walters fished a popular swim thar has been producing some great catches and went on to share a nine fished haul. Clint landed four carp including the ‘Cut-tail’ common weighing over 28lbs together with other 20s. Dale followed on with five more carp up to 19lbs.

Why aren’t you here?

Andre Oldham fished a 72 hour session at the prolific McGregor Lake where he went on to catch a total of 35 fish haul comprised of 20 bream and 15 mirror carp to mid-doubles.