Hot weather keeps anglers away but fish still feeding

The Allum family returned to the Ouse at Tempsford for another day’s fishing. This time it was Paul Allum (jnr) and his grandfather Dave. The pair enjoyed a cracking day’s sport catching around 20 fish including perch, chub and a 2lb eel.

End of season bonanza

Mark Simmonds decided to finish the season fishing Tempsford Estate waters over the last three days. Mark divided his between the rivers Ouse and Ivel catching six chub, the best weighing 6lb 4oz. The big fish came from the Anchor Meadow stretch downstream of the former Anchor Hotel to the bridge over the A1 trunk road. Over the winter months, Mark has also caught chub of 5lb 12oz and 5lb 9oz fishing the Tempsford stretches of the Ouse.

Grace Lake receives a boost

Mick Broom finished his day at McGregor Lake with no fewer than six carp as runs kept coming throughout the day. He returned a couple of days later and soon caught another two carp but then the fish just stopped feeding and the bites dried up. Mick Baldwin managed to catch three bream to over 3lbs fishing with a bitter northerly wind blowing over his shoulder. Mick said that all his bites were very delicate and could easily have been missed. Robert Livock fished throughout the day on mini boilies without any action but a single run late in the afternoon brought him a nice mirror carp of about 9lbs.

Fish continue to feed in the snow!

Jason Hedley and his son Corey decided to try for pike at the Sandy Lakes complex but found McGregor Lake frozen over apart from a small area at the far end of the lake. After three or four hours with no action the pair moved on to the nearby Swan Lake and between them had three takes lure fishing catching three small pike. Jason put their success down to slow retrieves as all the fish were covered in lice indicating that they had been lying dormant for some time.

A frosty five!

Fraser Hayden was keen to catch a fish in the snow so he ventured out to a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse at Tempsford. He managed to get just one bite but the effort was well worth it as it turned out to be a pristine 5lb 4oz chub. The successful bait was 10mm mini boilies.