Big carp, chub and pike caught plus Grace Lake stocking

Winston Pogmore decided to fish on The Riddy Nature Reserve stretch of the River Ivel in Sandy trotting a float baited with maggots on a size 16 hook. Regular feeding of the swim with a steady trickle of loose offerings soon got the fish feeding. At first, it was small dace, roach and gudgeon that fed and even the occasional minnow but then chub moved in. He caught two good fish weighing 5lb 8oz and 3lb 10oz during his short session.

Big chub from both the Ivel and the Ouse!

Martin Barnatt decided to fish on a BHAA-controlled stretch of the Ivel after trying his luck on some mor.e popular stretches of the river. Fishing only short morning sessions, Martin’s change of venue brought him the good fortune he was after in the form of a 5lb 13oz chub. However, he is still desperate to break the 6lb barrier before the end of the season