Night fishing is not permitted on any of the Tempsford Estate waters.

School Meadow River Ouse. (400 yards of bank space)

Situated alongside the A1. Car parking is available in at then end of Tempsford High Street near the village hall. Cars are not permitted to drive over the cattle grid into the small industrial area

Anchor Meadow, River Ouse (250 yards) and Pylon Meadows,River Ouse.(1000 yards)

No access is granted from The Anchor Hotel / Vanilla Alternative, vehicles can be parked in the approved locations on Barford Road at the owner’s risk. The Jungle River Ouse. (1000 yards) is situated alongside Barford Road where cars can be parked. Anglers should walk directly across the farmer’s field to the water trying to minimise damage to any growing crops (see above map for more details)

These waters have an abundance of species – Roach, Chub, Bream, Tench, Dace, Perch, Pike, Zander, Carp, Catfish, Trout and Barbel. Barbel have been caught to 6lbs from School Meadow although double-figured specimens are known to be present. Bags of Bream to over 100lbs have been caught from the Jungle and large nets of Roach exceeding 40lbs have been caught from School Meadow, Anchor Meadow and Pylon Meadow. Carp to over 25lbs have been caught from these stretches and are well populated throughout. Chub average 3-4lbs but 7lb+ specimens have been caught.

Campers Meadow, River Ouse

Entrance is via Mr. J. Infield’s private road (No parking) (see above map for more details) .

It is a good walk to this stretch so you can usually guarantee that you will be undisturbed. There are few swims available but the water holds plenty of fish including Chub, Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Dace, Pike and Zander. The winter months are a good time to target the water when boat traffic on the river is minimal.

Ouse Farm and Church Meadow, River Ivel

Please note, there is no right of access between Church Meadow and Ouse Farm – the section illustrated in yellow on the map below should not be entered.

These stretches of the lower Ivel are a must for anyone who enjoys small river fishing and some exceptional fish are present. The water is fast flowing over a gravel bottom and sport can be fast and furious. Since 2005 The Association in partnership with The Environment Agency has stocked 3,000 barbel into the Church Meadow stretch. Perch to 4lbs are present, as are chub to over 6lbs, and large dace.

Sawmills Pool, River Ivel

The mill pool was acquired by The Association in 2006 From Church Meadow the foot of the Pool can be forded when the river is at normal level, or access can be gained via Ouse Farm. No fishing from the private property on the west bank. Vehicles must not be driven past the second RH field gate when driving into Mill Lane, this is a private road.

Sawmills Pool is the last interruption of the River Ivel before it flows into the River Ouse. Consequently, the species variety  is interesting throughout the year. There are carp, barbel, pike, perch, zander, bream, roach, chub and eels all present and the well oxygenated water means that sport can be good when other stretches of the river are not.

High Romper,  River Ivel

Fishing both banks upstream of Sawmills Pool 850 yards to the end of the meadows. Parking is available in Tempsford High Street and Mill Lane.

This is a canalised stretch with a right-angle bend midway along it and a bridge pool at the southern end. It fishes best in the winter months when weed has died away to leave a clean gravel bottom. The main species are Chub to 6lbs and Roach to 1.5lbs, but Carp and Pike, Barbel, Bream and Perch are present too.