Work Parties

The Association has a long list of improvements that it would like to carry out to its fisheries ranging from improving access and swim building to more repetitive tasks such as strimming excess vegetation from pathways and general tidying up. To this end, a working party sub-group has been established and we are keen to expand membership by enrolling other able-bodied and willing persons.

If you would like to participate in this work, you can enroll by e-mailing the working party organisers at providing your name and a contact telephone number. There is no compulsion involved and you can choose what tasks you would like to help in and at what venues. You will find further information on the rear cover of your club membership book. If you have not got access to a computer, please phone Alan Davies, Secretary, on 01480 215526.

Details of forthcoming working party dates will be announced on the website and on club notice boards at the particular venue.

  • Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

    Carp have scaleless heads and fully scaled bodies. Dorsal fin long based, free edge concave, a stout spine (with serrated rear edges as first ray) Mouth toothless but with 2 barbels at each side, second one longer. The current UK record is 64lb 14oz (all carp).

  • Chub (Leuciscus cephalus)

    Chub have a large head, a large mouth with almost rubberlike lips, a black/silver to greenish back, silvery sides, white belly, and fins tinged with yellowish red. Size and length varies depending on water. The British record was broken in May 2007 when Steve White caught a 9lb 3oz Chub.

  • The Barbel (Barbus barbus)

    Barbel have elongated bodies, almost round in cross section but flat bellied. Head pointed and scale less, eyes rather small, set high on the sides of the head, lips thick with two pairs of fleshy barbels. The current UK barbel record is 19lb 6oz.

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